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PMS? It absolutely not that you think

Recently jokes about women with a premenstrual syndrome became very popular. Everyone tries to flash humour - in a subject and not in a subject. Traditionally it is considered that all women suffer from PMS, and it consists by all means in nervous breakdowns and uncontrollable changes of mood.

Actually PMS is not only and not necessarily a hysterics. The premenstrual syndrome is a complex of physical and emotional manifestations which true reason is still not found out. Besides irritability, uneasiness and other unpleasant emotional states, PMS it is shown and physically: breast pains and in the bottom of a stomach. Many women during this period even lose working capacity and are forced to take days off.

The risk factors promoting emergence of PMS are diseases of a thyroid gland, the increased content of sugar in blood, gipovitaminoz, stresses and violations vodno - a salt exchange. Besides, it is considered that are most subject to this disease of the resident of the large cities, engaged in cerebration.

It is considered that for treatment of PMS it is frequent to change a way of life enough: to normalize an operating mode and rest, to provide daily moderate physical activities, to properly eat, accept vitamins, to limit the use of coffee, alcohol, salt, chocolate. Besides - to be trained in the technicians helping to endure stressful situations.

I will repeat, the reasons of emergence of a premenstrual syndrome up to the end are definitely not found out. Most possibly it is connected with cyclic hormonal changes. In 2-12 days prior to the beginning of periods in an organism the ratio of hormones - estrogen and progesterone begins to change. Excess of estrogen leads to a liquid delay in bodies and fabrics, to hypostases, swelling of mammary glands that, in turn, causes morbidity. Influence of estrogen on a brain causes nervously - emotional changes - aggression or a depression, tearfulness, irritability or a conflictness.

Other theory is based that PMS is connected with the increased content of hormone of Prolactinum. This substance causes a delay in an organism of water and sodium, leading to hypostases.

The essential role in development of a syndrome of the substances called by prostaglandins is proved. They are developed in body tissues and participate in regulation of such pathological processes as an inflammation, pain, swelled.

It turns out that what would not be the reasons of a premenstrual syndrome, a result one - interstitial hypostases and morbidity. And treatment at PMS (and he needs really to be treated, but not patiently to worry) has to be directed to puffiness reduction. In most cases it is possible to do it in the medicamentous way, in particular - with use of phytopreparations.

So, the preparations which are initially developed as remedies for mastopathy were urged to reduce swelled due to accumulation of organic iodine in tissue of a mammary gland. However during clinical tests the useful side effect of means - decrease in puffiness in all bodies and fabrics where organic iodine including in a reproductive system can collect was found. Therefore such means effectively reduce also the painful feelings connected with PMS in general.

In conclusion there is a wish to address all women. Please, do not believe that PMS - the punishment sent to women from above. A premenstrual syndrome it is possible to treat. And men want to wish patience and prudence.

Good luck.