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How to rally the team? You often should hear

about “command spirit“, that the collective “has to be team“, and about “pride of the team“? To me - very much. The word “team“ became fashionable, slightly shabby and for many misunderstood.

, It seems, all know that “the collective has to be team“, psychologists provide trainings on (excuse for the indecent word) “team building“. Animators - inventors (sorry, animators) conduct “rope courses“ - all understand that it is necessary “to lift command spirit“.

But very few people saw it, this spirit.

Paradoxically, but some of those people who, without reflecting, speak about team work at the sight of the real team work are horrified.

And it is valid, solid team - piece very dangerous. For her enemies.

In this article I want without embellishments and long verbalizations to show what is the real team. I hope, it will help someone to understand the matter.

So in order that there was a team, several components are necessary. The first that needs to be understood - the team participates in game !

An obligatory component of game - the opponent, isn`t it? Take sport for an example, here you will see it visually. The team of seamen battles against elements, team of soldiers - against the enemy.

Game is not that becomes “for fun“, professional athletes will confirm it. By definition: “Game is what consists of freedoms, obstacles and the purposes“. It is possible to call any activity game.

Business - too game, isn`t it?

There are prizes - money, the power, situation in society, control, power. There are freedoms - opportunities to do business, laws which resolve something. There are barriers - laws, rules and concepts which forbid something. Also there are opponents.

There is no game without opponent.

But many businessmen, “teams“, collectives have no enemies. When I speak about it at seminars, some people watch at me as they on new gate, and speak: “About what it you, it is necessary to live peacefully“. They do not understand the essence of game . And will never be able to form the real team if do not change the thinking.

The person cannot live without game. If he does not participate in game, he creates it, finding the opponent unconsciously. Or he knows that he plays, - or just subconsciously is at enmity with someone or tries to surpass someone. This property of the person.

Present such picture. The husband and the wife together make the way through the jungle. They are skilled travelers so their way in general is not impossible, it is simple them difficult. They have opponents - animals and plants. They, perhaps, survive in a condition of a lack of some things, food, conditions. There is a prize - the end of travel, achievement of the purpose, feeling of own coolness. Barriers and freedoms - rules of conduct in the jungle. Good game. These people, this family - team.

Now place the same married couple in five-stars hotel where the most attentive servants on light, and they have a lot of money much. Lock them in number, and let the food to them be brought by Rhum - service. Do we have a game now? It is obvious what is not present. Therefore they will invent it. And whom they will choose as opponents? Most likely, each other, there is nobody more, isn`t it?

It is not team any more. These are already two teams, and they in game again. Rules - everyone for. Whether they will swear? I think that yes - let after a while. Just in order that there was a game. Until there is a factor against which they will be able to unite.

You remember an old joke “Well that, girls against whom you are on friendly terms?“?

The more abruptly the person, the more abruptly than the opponent he to himself chooses. Otherwise it is uninteresting. The person who never had any enemies, one may say, also did not live really. Around there are so much bad guys who devoted the life to destruction of what you consider valuable. And they “have no enemies“.

Such people just do not dare to raise eyes. They even stopped being figures in game. These are the broken dolls.

It is possible to make several interesting conclusions of this definition of team.

One of them it: the person not concordant with the management of the company and with its purposes, is not member of team. By definition. He has to or fall in love with the purposes of this team (which are set by the commander-in-chief), or to leave. It is an honest look, isn`t it?

There are four strong indications on which it is possible to find the head - the candidate for dismissal. One of them - game against owners. It as if conducts own activity, without deciding to leave, perhaps, fear to lose the warm place. Its activity even without evil intention turns into blasting. The owner should not keep on a post of such head in hope that “will resolve“. Will not resolve.

Replacement of members of personnel who are not members of team, or their transformation (any correct ways) into full-fledged employees - the vital business for any head.

Trouble only that not all owners of business feel so surely what can precisely be told is white, this black, and a point!