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Receivables: what with it to do?

Are very frequent question which to me is asked. And it so “hot“ that I will not spin around it beautiful turns of speech and metaphors, and I will just tell what actions should be taken for control of receivables (it when not you have to, and to you). And also I will tell what are pertinent the principles here.

By the way, these principles rather rigid and exact. The elements given below are part of exact administrative technology from which I did not recommend to depart.

The first question - to whom is entrusted collecting receivables who works with debtors? The answer “sales manager“ is incorrect. The answer “boys with irons and soldering irons“ is unmodern. The answer “head“ is destructive.

The correct answer - specially trained employee of accounts department. Yes, accounts departments. Collecting receivables as business traditionally was a prerogative of accounting companies, such as “Praysvoterkhaus“ and “McKinsey“. They were engaged in similar activity from the basis that is absolutely logical. When collecting debt it is not necessary to sell anything - everything is already sold. It is necessary just to track that people fulfilled the obligations. How to make it technologically?

The employee who or by nature has slonopotamsky tranquility and a neproshibayemost is brought to accounts departments, or he can be trained in it on special courses on communication. This person regularly distributes to all debtors the registered mail with the notice of a condition of their account. Such mailing becomes a minimum of times a month, or is more often. Also this person systematically, with persistence of a hippopotamus contacts debtors of times or two in a week, and to available territorially comes personally. It is very polite and official, never threatens. Behaves at contacts as for the first time.

Never I will forget how the employee of my accounts department (the pink-checked girl wearing spectacles, which was able to make very worried look - such “Katya Pushkareva“) who is carrying out this function came to the client and, having received the answer “We did not gain yet, the cash desk empty“, sat down on a stool, took breath and said: “Well, all right. I will wait“. I assure you, it works worse, than boys with cudgels and threats.

The first reaction of my clients to this structural decision usually such is - it is impossible to remove this function from sales managers, otherwise they will become impudent and will begin to load goods all without discrimination, despite of the growing receivables. Wait. Same just decides.

In - the first, it is not necessary to relieve responsibility for receivables from sales agents - remove just function. I, for example, do not pay to sales managers a salary according to the transaction according to which in general hangs though some receivables. Even I do not charge! The client paid off completely - o`ky, data on the transaction count. But it does not mean that it is entrusted to manager to work with debtors mechanically.

Reasons are simple. I made somehow accounting of time of sales agents who wrote out accounting documents for clients and worked with receivables. It turned out that they were engaged in it more, than a half of working hours! For firm it is the huge half-received profit from - for decrease in the possible concluded bargains.

Plus to it the sales manager is upset when he beats out money from debtors, and begins to sell carefully. And it is at all not that style which conducts sales department to star indicators. To stars conduct confidence, competence and desire to help the client. And the fear and thoughts of punishment do the person too serious (in the worst sense of this word, in about what the baron Myunkhgauzen spoke) and reduce his speed.

The issue with receivables volume (that it did not contradict policy of the company) is resolved in purely hardware way: by means of the accounting program which is writing out documents. Stop - the list“ in two parameters is exposed “: repayment period of debt and its volume. Delayed - “figs to you pioneers in church choir“. Exceeded - “figs to you conventuals in a bath“. “1C“ it allows to make, any normal accounting program has to be able it.

And all. The manager does not strain, doing mental arithmetic - and whether I can ship to him still? He does not spend time for planned work with debtors, but also does not lose sight of them - salaries - that is not present. Nobody forbids it to shake the debtor - just do not load superfluous.

One more plus of such system: “the manager good - bad accounts department“. The sales agent can always tell the client: “Darling, pay Ivanych better in time. I - that with you in good relations, but you will fall into clutches to our accounts department... from live will not get down! There we have just animals...“ Who was on interrogations “good - bad“, knows that this system works even if he is familiar with it according to the Hollywood movies.

It as for decent debtors. Did not “throw“.

It is necessary to deal with swindlers, using actions on justice. If they consist in any association, it is necessary to resolve issues through the third parties having influence on the debtor. And if absolutely became impudent - through courts. It is already a task of lawyers.

But it is necessary to appeal to court as a last resort if you are already ready to lose this client. As a rule (not always) after this action business relations stop.