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How to make flowers of fabric?

Spring - time of changes: in the relations, in shape, in clothes. There is a wish for something brand new, unique, such that prolonged bad weather of this season did not influence mood. Become yourself the designer and decorate the life with flowers!

I offer you the simple master - a class on production of textile flowers for decoration of clothes or an interior. And in the help - photos of all fabrication stages.

In each house there will always be fabric rags which remained from tailoring of various products, or already served the term of a blind from organza or chiffon. All this perfectly will be suitable for production of textile flowers which can be used instead of a brooch or as a bright element in an interior.

The main thing - is correct to group them on color scale that the art - object“ turned out certain “! The most carefully performed work cannot be perfect without observance of elementary rules of a combination of flowers.

Color is life, and the world without paints is represented to us lifeless. Influence of color happens through eyes, however I am firmly sure that the deepest, original secrets an eye are not visible, they are perceived only by heart. From the point of view of physics, color is just the wavelength and frequency of fluctuations, but as he is able “to concern“ ….

So, it will be necessary for us: organza or chiffon, paper, needle, threads and scissors.

At first we will cut out three templates from paper: the first 10õ10, the second 7õ7, third 5õ5 centimeters. Then by means of each template it is cut out from the different types of fabric suiting one another on color on five details. To fifteen turned-out details still the strip of lighter fabric of 4õ30 centimeters is required.

We begin work with this strip. It is future core of a flower. We put a strip in half lengthways, we bend its edge at an angle of 90 degrees and we twist it in houghs. That it was not untwisted, it needs to be taken a thread.

We take small preparation from fabric, we bend it in half obliquely. The turned-out triangle is put for corners in the form of an inverted pleat, directing them to the middle. We take this design a thread. We stitch from a corner on a corner a wide line across and we make gathers. We fix a small knot.

We sew the turned-out petal to ready core of a flower. In the same way we arrive with other averages and small preparations from fabric. Evenly we sew them to core, increasing petals.

Then we take the largest preparation from fabric, we put in half and obliquely, and once again in half that the triangle turned out. We stitch a wide line, not in a straight line, and having made a small arch, receding a little from the raw edge. (The arch will not allow to break up to a petal when you cut off the excess ends of fabric). We make gathers and fix assembly by a small knot. The petal will turn out.

In the same way we make the remained four petals, and we sew them to the main preparation. At you the big flower has to turn out. From its reverse side we cut off ugly tips and we burn them that they did not lokhmatitsya. From a wrong side we sew a fabric rag which will cover ugly places, and a fastener for a brooch. Everything is ready!

(Note of the author: material is written on the master - to Olga Dushevskaya`s class. The photo is provided from personal archive of Olga Dushevskaya)