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Criticism and condemnations. Whether costs from - for it to worry?

Billions of people live in this huge world. These are billions of opinions, personal judgments and beliefs. Each person is similar to library in which the books, the most various, with various pictures, with unique contents are picked up.

We read, we thumb through, we do not understand - we criticize, we condemn. And what for?! Each of us has an own inner world, at someone it is rich and interesting, at someone is cluttered up with different nonsense and covered with dust. Someone stores in himself, in the private library, a fantasy, someone to the politician, someone else something. We are different. The world is various.

And each opinion has the right to be. Why many people so often condemn the fact that they do not understand? It is not pleasant, - do not read. Give to other person the chance most to study and be mistaken and to think as he wants.

Criticism. What to it there has to be a relation? Neutral. Let speak. Let think that want. Someone will understand, someone will condemn, someone will try to poison with poison of the rage, to splash out on you a negative stream. Let. “We are beaten, and we grow stronger“ , - one my close friend said.

Let stones fly and the condemnation hail pours, we will stand under bulletproof protection of the belief, with a humour board in hands. Also start up sometimes “evil tongues more terrible than the gun“ - their destructive force will not concern us. They do not understand that these “shots“ of anger have property to come back to the one who made them, with a bigger return. The main thing - to learn not to react to these “bullets“, let rush by us, fly as importunate flies, we will just wave away and further we will go.

The condemning people just do not know that they create. They do to themselves worse. “If you start in someone dirt, dirt remains on your hands“ .

It is necessary to treat absolutely quietly criticism and condemnation from outside, “we not dollars to be pleasant“. Besides “Let speak!“ - as in transfer at Andrey Malakhov. Let`s smile, will shake off and further we will go.

Each person will always have both critics, and supporters, it is possible to look at any thing from the different parties, to estimate any act from several different points of view. Options sea! And all of us have a freedom of choice. We are free to choose what to trust us in, where to go whom to be.

We can “fill up the library“ with books which are close to us which it is pleasant to us, but at the same time it is not obligatory to destroy other works at all, they can be useful to someone. They can be useful to someone.

We will be more tolerant to creativity of other people, to their outlooks on life and beliefs. When we come into someone`s library, we do not begin to tear pages of someone else`s books and to throw out what is not pleasant to us. We have to it no right. Looked, estimated and left. And if it was pleasant, then remained, late, became engrossed in reading … of

the Option what to read, belongs only to you. As well as any other person has a right to choose what books to store in the library. Let`s learn to respect the choice of each other and we will cease to get into foreign soul “in dirty boots“.

The entrance is forbidden especially negative persons here!