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At the moment feel much better, and it is more correct to tell more clearly. After so many disappointments and falling it is very pleasant to catch itself on thought that the intuition to which you trust much more is almost always right. As the person who is fond of esoterics I with delight came more than once to opinion that all in our hands. There is only a present: you believe that it good, it also will be your it. Every day, every minute we make the choice and everything is valid in our hands!
Only we need the every minute proof: Whether I am right? Whether so I told? Whether well I arrived?
I not always turns out daily to make out truth through a veil. You will sometimes receive so on a head that very long then you think.
- For what? -
Ya fortunately already was above age when accuse all and all. I want to understand as well as why it occurred. Knowing what any situation is what I to myself attract, the following step is logical. - And why I exactly attract it? -
of People whom you accepted in heart suddenly hurts this heart, eventually your best friend. Demogogiya? No - school!
I then I begin to dig in myself and very honestly I answer all questions and I find out that there are at heart I - that I think on another. And at the power level we for each other the open book. If we words can ourselves and each other to deceive, then our subconsciousness knows everything. And if you do not believe itself that you are worthy such people around yourself with which to you well, then they will not be on your way. In the head there is a control.
- I am not taken seriously -
we Argue that and will occur. It can already be analyzed further that you shake self-confidence or to you did not give the rest of love...... Many sores will emerge. If you once felt like not darling and did not accept this situation, then you will never believe that you can really be loved. And every time you are convinced what people mean.
They will also be mean because you to it invite them.
Sometimes one painful incident occupies you years. To stat we in general big professionals for years to enjoy it. Inflating the unpleasant moments and doing a monument of them then to go there and almost with painful pleasure to be picked the healing wound.
Having spent a lot of time at my monument me suddenly dawns. Nobody is guilty that my concept about friendship it, nobody wanted to hurt me...
We are all ordinary people from a nashima fears and experiences. And that who costs near you and feels: you do not believe that you are worthy the best, will not be able to give this best to you. Telling
greedily about that what rich day at me was and seeing a cloudlet on a face of the interlocutor I do not think any more.
- Envies an infection - there is no
. I understand that somewhere the worm at heart moves.
of Dinar and whether there are you such day.?