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Movie John Carter. Why the actor Taylor Kitsch is not convincing in a leading role?

are good to be kucheryavenky and young! Moreover if at the same time your uncle “skapustitsya“ and left you in inheritance millions and millions gold, then youth blossoms even more. However, the uncle applied a diary which reading captured the kucheryavenky young man Edgar (actor Daryl Sabara) even more, than wealth to millions. And so it is lovely, one of the most ambitious projects of Hollywood 21 - go - the movie “John Carter“ unostentatiously begins centuries.

The movie “John Carter“ in a 3D format about events on Mars the source goes back to dusty pages of the diary 19 - go centuries from Earth. I will not hide that so far you will think that to what in this picture, you manage to start missing. How to connect bloody war on Mars and destiny of the captain of the American troops in the Wild West? But authors do it easily! By means of a medallion. However, it is unimportant how to transfer the person in a fantastic story, it is important FOR WHAT.

What we have in the initial point: the character John Carter performed by the new person on the Hollywood hills of the actor Taylor Kitsch - desperate small. It is a little even shibanuty. Jumps in a window at a full speed, bites the higher administration, infinitely looks for a certain mythical cave with gold. Only it seemed to me that not really approaches, we will softly tell, Taylor Kitsch for a role of the big soldier and savior of Mars. And Earth - too, as usual, cinema-men do not want to leave alone our guilty earth and the plan is as follows: villains from Mars in any way after destroy Mars gathered will switch to the our general house.

And so Kitsch`s character resembles such portrait painter from Arbat Street in Moscow of a sample of the beginning of the ninetieth years of the last century more. The spiritualized look of the inveterate intellectual, a redenky beard, a long hair and in general it is all such art. Would take it on the top and all - the poured-out poor artist in a folding chair that easy dabs puts strokes on a canvas, creating a landscape or a portrait. In principle I expected more to see in a leading role of a certain brutal actor, more angular, sharper. And there does not correspond on internal feelings Taylor Kitsch to the declared role. It seems to me, here the goof - the superman Jason Steytem would approach more, for example.

I do not like also the fact that the main character survived in bloody alterations more than once, but at the same time if is not silly, then not very much and is clever. Why? Well, judge for yourself. He regained consciousness somewhere where it was capable to jump making a start from the earth on hundreds of meters, and even further. Then sees chetyrekhruky green humanoids with copies that are able to talk in language unclear so far. Also he sees eggs, them which green peanuts hatch. On the sky unprecedented devices fly, and at that time on Earth people did not fly yet. And at everything at the same time when the Martian tells him that it now on Mars, but not on Earth, our guy of chegy - that very much - is very surprised: “A yak so not on Earth??!! And guide I??!! On Mars? And - and - and! Here those time … on Mars!“

As though up to this point on Earth he saw every day also the chetyrekhruky speaking aliens. And UFO flew in its prairie on heels of times in the course of the day, and dogs ran of the size of a horse and blue language … Here clear me it will become seems to any: or you smoked jambs and oblopatsya fly agarics and you were visited by “glitches“, or you really got on other planet. The third is not given.

Still minus: the girlfriend of the main character in the movie - Dai`s princess performed by the actress Leann Collins turned out some false too. Though externally it - is devilishly attractive! I would even not refuse to fly to the same Mars if precisely waited that there I am waited by such cool marsianochka. Dai plays professor and at the same time the princess of all Mars / Barsum. But looks - that it directly - as terrestrial Shakherezada. Why it was given east lines - I do not know. I know that east women are very beautiful and mysterious, but at what Mars here? There is no hit at image. So and here, in my opinion, there was a poke bad shot at creators of a picture. From here and discrepancies: scanty actor`s game of Collins. Though, I will repeat how the woman it is charming, but in the actor`s plan in this project it turned out well just any...

From the technical point of view the movie “John Carter“ is made just fine. The smallest details are traced and very authentically. When from a sword on the Martian earth blood drips, and each of drops a heavy small weight flies down and all this is shown in volume, directly - there is a wish to grasp this drop from the screen and to pound between small pillows of fingers. I admit, such reliability impresses me. Scenes of mass slaughters of Martian tribes - too.

But painfully unsightly plot at the picture “John Carter“. Everything is constructed only on a technical aspect of business. And I have not enough string-bag of special effects. I would like that there authors would put a little at least actor`s talent of the main characters, intelligence of a plot, its novelty, intelligence if you want. That seasoned all with a humour share. And love - carrots - want to be seen reliable, but not tense as a linen rope in the village between birches. There is nothing from the above-mentioned in the movie “John Carter“. In any case, personally I similar saw nothing. And it is a pity. So I wiped eyes and would deliver to the movie

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