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What not obkhodimo the nobility to the beginning aquarian?

thick glasses from - for fancy seaweed for us are watched by inhabitants of the water world. In their slow, smooth movements there is so much tranquility and harmony which so are not enough for us in ours eternally somewhere the hurrying world. Graceful, mobile, easy and fast, bright and nacreous coloring aquarian small fishes.

Many people seeking to find rest and rest, a relax as it is accepted to speak in the modern world, get aquarian small fishes. In the beginning it just desire by means of inhabitants of the water world to distract from vanity and problems. Over time it turns into all-consuming hobby. The hours spent before an aquarium in supervision over its inhabitants pacify. And later there is an inspiration to create the small water kingdom, to inhabit it beautiful water inhabitants, and for a moment to feel the real creator.

What not obkhodimo the nobility to the beginning aquarian? What to begin with?

It is necessary to begin about acquisition of an aquarium and all accessories accompanying to it, lighting, filters, devices which will oxygenate water. After everything is ready, it is necessary will decide on the place where the aquarium will be established. It should not be near heating devices, on drafts, under direct beams of the sun at all.

After everything is ready in the underwater world for settling by its first inhabitants, it is a high time will be defined what aquarian small fishes to get. The beginning aquarian should not get very expensive and whimsical small fishes in questions of leaving at once. As experience not many. It is better to begin with the simple small fishes who are not demanding special special leaving. Then eventually when you will become the skilled aquarian, it will be possible to get in your water kingdom and a goldfish.

You should not get in one aquarium of predatory and not predatory fishes - you strive for harmony and tranquility, but not to a bright example of fight for a survival. When you decided on small fishes, it is necessary to arrange the water world under their requirements to dwelling. It is necessary to consider the water temperature, favorable for them, acidity and rigidity, lighting of the water world, a water filtration, frequency of replacement of water in an aquarium and feature of a forage which your small fishes will eat. If at you several types live in an aquarium - try that their requirements to “situation“ in an aquarium coincided.

After in the water kingdom created by you biological balance is established, you will only need to support favorable conditions. It is not so difficult - to include a water heater, illumination in an aquarium, the compressor and filters in time. It is impossible to add in an aquarium simple, not otstoyanny at all, water, to decorate an aquarium objects which in water will emit various substances. Is not necessary also and to smoke indoors where there is your aquarium. Violation of these simple points is capable to reduce all your works of zero and to ruin your inhabitants of the water world.

Daily actions for care of small fishes will become shortly a habit and will be a burden at all not. It is necessary to feed aquarian small fishes 1 - 2 time a day, more often and less often is not necessary. The volume of a forage is measured by eye, small fishes have to manage to eat it in 5 - 10 minutes. If the forage remained on a surface - small fishes either are not hungry, or are not healthy, or you overfed them. The uneaten forage of advantage to an aquarium and small fishes will not bring - in water it will begin to spoil quickly and to pollute water and will bring you excess efforts. In time feeding it is necessary to examine visually all small fishes whether all they as it should be, to observe their behavior. If someone from inhabitants of a water kingdom behaves not as usually, it had on scales unclear spots or outgrowths, not obkhodimo to transplant it in separate ware to avoid possible infection of other inhabitants of an aquarium.

In order that the aquarium was pleasant to admire, it is regularly necessary to wash, clear it glasses, to delete the forage remains, to add fresh water or if it needs - to be replaced it. Need of cleaning is determined by a pollution measure.

To be a creator of the own water world and to provide its normal activity not so difficult as it seems at first sight. And time which you will carry out behind supervision over water inhabitants and that positive which you receive, rest and a pacification will reward you for your works of the beginning aquarian.