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Why experts call Cabernet the king of wines?

History of mankind is inseparably linked with winemaking and the use of wine. Not with alcoholism, not with the use of the pure Spiritus vini which is incidentally received by alchemists during searches of an elixir of immortality, and with that ritual without which it is difficult to present the civilization which reached up to now on strongly winding footpath which beginning was trodden still by the righteous person Noy.

From all grades of wines of which, despite everything, wine makers informed us a specific place is held by Cabernet grade red dry wine Sauvignon.
In our country where it is few experts on this drink, is difficult to speak about the advantage of dry wine in general, and about separate grades and their advantages to speak sometimes it is simple there is nobody. But, nevertheless, I will try not only to tell about Cabernet wine brand, but also if it is so possible to tell, I will try to orient those who got lost in the wine sea, got confused in the choice, and to buy the “book“ written by the expert the wine maker for five hundred dollars - the hand somehow does not rise.
So, Cabernet - group of the grades of the dry red wines made from Cabernet grade grapes Sauvignon united by the general name.
Experts call Cabernet the king of wines. And it is valid, any holiday which is laying claim to the Feast does not do without this wine (we will not speak about boozes).
Taste and aroma of the “correct“ Cabernet will not leave indifferent even fans of hard liquors, and the ability of red wines opened recently to slow down reproduction of dangerous bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract is already an occasion to think of change of addiction to vodka and cognac, drunk, by the way (for some reason) before meal that leads to consequences which I here
will not begin to describe. Cabernet grade Grapes Sauvignon are unpretentious and as it is noticed, get accustomed in very different climatic conditions. It is grown up also on islands in the Caribbean Sea, and on slopes of Vesuvius, and on the island of Sakhalin. And everywhere, where these grapes, as we know, are cultivated there is the, local wine brand of which advantages (and of shortcomings of others) you with pleasure will be told by judges, in love with this drink, which meets much in places where does not become the wine maker unless lazy.
Cabernet Tastes so differ from all other wines that only the person with the upset bodies of perception can confuse Cabernet with someone from his cousins. The bouquet of Cabernet is the whole poem!
Sauvignon in all completeness are present At classical Cabernet and harmoniously all adjoin, distinguishing this wine brand from others, flavoring and aromatic characteristics. It is the soft, not intercepting breath tartness of tannins, moderate sourness, surely present pleasant smack of currant and cherry, and aroma of a violet, it is possible to tell - the business card of Cabernet. In a bouquet and taste of this wine there is one more specific feature distinguishing Cabernet is a smell of morocco (skin). However, this bouquet is stronger felt in young wine which ripens quite slowly and, nevertheless - is a little rough. When maturing wine the specific bouquet of a grade changes a little and improved. In creation of a bouquet of mature Cabernet the substances extracted from a grapes thin skin so, white wine from Cabernet Sauvignon has not such bouquet at all play a large role. It reaches the maximum development of organoleptic properties in 8-10 years. A striking example - expensive Chilean wines.
As for domestic grades of Cabernet, they differ in a moderate slightly bitter taste and pleasant tannin aftertaste.
A here from Cabernet grade grapes Sauvignon which are grown up in the Gelendzhik district of Krasnodar Krai is developed red sweet vintage wine Black eyes. This wine has intensive darkly - red coloring; it is rather concentrated, velvety, with the easy chocolate tones in taste making it not similar to the other brothers.
Much as it appeared, depends on the earth on which grapes grew. I would even tell so: just the earth on which grapes were cultivated and defines wine tastes. Quantity of sunny days in a year, structure of the soil, all this, I think, we will not consider, but not we will and forget that these factors just and define - we will like drink or we as Semyon Semyonovich spoke: - let`s look for...
A that import?!
Taste at the wines made for example in Latin America so differs from that what we got used here to that the first impressions are usually not really flatter. But to the one who tried out dozing in these temperament wines, any more never not to confuse them with anything. Taste at these wines very saturated. The strong enveloping effect is the first what face, tasting, well, we will allow the wines brought from Chile.
A in general, by estimates of my acquaintances understanding wines - taste of the Latin American Cabernet if it is so possible to tell, confuses. Or, as told one of them: - Non-russian some taste and aroma at the wines brought from Latin America.
Me often ask and what I would recommend, well, say, to a holiday table or for every day. At once I will make a reservation - approach to wines is so individual what to recommend something from what is pleasant to me it means … to praise the wife before the neighbor who is crazy about the.
In general, to avoid any advertizing, I will be limited to recommendations quite all arranging as at the price, on quality of Cabernet of Massandra plant. Massandrovsky wines not one decade at height, and are familiar with them in our country many. In separate years wine of this plant turns out exclusively high qualities, developing at the correct endurance a harmonious taste and easily recognizable bouquet with a violet smell.
A if to be guided at the prices (many use also such “compass“), then I can advise only one - upon purchase of wine to avoid the prices below ˆ10. Also let`s not forget that most often the person accepts tastes of that product which grew in the region where this person was born and lives. From here, by the way, and passion to cultivation of the tomatoes with cucumbers.

And from where Cabernet grapes grade Sauvignon is?
Was time when researchers claimed that Cabernet - the lineal descendant of the Greek grapes famous as Volitsa. And Volitsa, allegedly, is the modern name of an ancient grade of grapes by the name of Balisca. But, as modern experts speak, for a complete proof it is enough to conduct research DNA.
Carried out. And what this analysis showed?
is Told by the geneticist Karol Meredith, professor of the Californian university:
- “I am not sure that there is a close communication in general“. The matter is that in 1996, Meredith found out that Cabernet Sauvignon only the Sauvignon hybrid Blan and Cabernet Franc. There are such pies! More true than a berry.
A here one more “passport“ of Cabernet: - “The known French grade which plantings are cultivated everywhere in average and southern zones of wine growing of the states of the CIS“. You see, now French. But it is rather purely encyclopedic data and, seemingly, godlessly outdated.
even more often can be read Recently about with anything to incomparable advantage of red wines of certain grades. Ability of red wine and grape juice to slow down reproduction of dangerous bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract is found, for example. It interferes with development of stomach ulcer and cancer.
Researchers from Missouri University in Colombia researched many years some red wines. It became clear that many of them, and in particular Cabernets, possess antimicrobic action, interfering with reproduction of the pathogenic microbes which got into intestines, practically without influencing division of “useful“. Researches on the same species of microbes of a number of white wines did not yield any results yet.
Red dry wine - remarkable prevention of caries! Bactericidal properties of red wines and their ability to kill pathogenic streptococci are well-known in the countries where people have healthy teeth, and diseases of the top airways almost do not meet.
the combination of acids which is Harmoniously made by the nature - amber, apple, dairy, wine, lemon and acetic, it is possible to call unique mixture which all of us know when having caught a cold we accept mulled wine … Pharyngitises and quinsies are afraid of this mixture much more, than antibiotics. Mulled wine is good also the fact that it at preparation loses almost all alcohol, and it can be given to children. At heat treatment vitamins, of course, perish, but curative properties of wine at the same time are not lost. And activators zheludochno - intestinal diseases - a salmonella and colibacillus, fear such wines as Cabernet and Merlot like the plague.
Is noted that at epidemics number of the diseased in wine-making areas and among the people who are regularly using wine much lower. Wine, also, suppresses bacteria of tuberculosis and cholera. And, also the wine diluted in half with water has almost same effect. Therefore, during epidemics physicians recommend to use the table wine diluted by water instead of drinking water.
A for what are still well-known red dry wines and in particular Cabernet Sauvignon?
the medical world became interested in recent years in such phenomenon as “the French paradox“ is very low interest of heart diseases in France. And it besides that French eat food very rich with cholesterol! It turned out that the natural component the resveratrol which is contained in red wine, the grenade and some other products exerts impact on genetic factors of aging. Resveratrol considerably brakes aging of a cardiac muscle!
Somnolent properties of Cabernet are well-known to all fans and judges of this wine, but business not in alcohol here as some think. Everything was far simpler! In such grades of grapes as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and some other, the content of melatonin turned out so high that it is possible to call these wines natural sleeping pill. And influence of this hormone is well known to all sleepyheads.
Antioxidant and antineoplastic properties of dry red wines reduce risk of a prostate cancer that, of course, it will be rather interesting to learn to the men who are in risk group. Red wine helps
at anemia, and also brings surplus of salts therefore it is recommended for prevention of adjournment of salts in joints out of a human body. For cardiovascular system spoke about a useful role of red wine already repeatedly, but now, as you can see, started talking also about other properties of red wines, useful to an organism. I do not think that it becomes in the advertizing purposes. The science about treatment by wine and use of grape wines in the medical purposes exists, and it is called - an enoterapiya, and wine, as we know, does not need advertizing. It is the ancient mythological symbol of fertility and a sign identified with blood of the person. Ancient Kheta during adoption of the military oath spoke: “Not wine, is your blood“. Jesus, having taken a bowl with wine, said: “This is my blood“. Wine served as a symbol of pleasures of life in Ancient Egypt and Babylon, and at Greeks not only god Dionysus, but also Zeus patronized winemaking.
As for wine and our precious health, I nevertheless will make several recommendations. You should not take alcohol before the termination of the working day, and you should not go to bed, feeling even easy intoxication.

And how the religion belongs to wine?
On Christian religion the wine used at sacrament of a participle and identified with Lord`s blood allows the person to join divine grace. Muslim traditions do not encourage wine drinking. The Buddhist doctrine includes abstention from strong drinks in five main moral requirements. It is connected with idea that infinite happiness can be reached only suppression of desires... It is good that the small part of the population of our planet is engaged in suppression of desires for finding of happiness!
A here the most ancient world religion Judaism allows the followers to use kosher wines. Give and we will not begin to forbid ourselves what in the known doses not only cannot do much harm to our health, but as it appeared, still can support it.
Not the last role is played by doses and, of course, how you are going to drink this drink. Who drinks even noble drinks glasses, that pursues only one aim - to reach a condition of that “righteousness“ in which stayed mentioned by me right at the beginning Ache. It as you remember, the own children found lying in the middle of a tent with the lifted-up clothes, and demonstration by daddy of shameless grounds roused ill-bred Hama to make a boorish act, the first in the history of mankind.
So if you are not eager “to surpass“ the bible father of winemaking, then conform strictly to the rule which says: to thump and make sour - business of drunks. We with you let`s enjoy
drink, taking which the Olympic gods whiled away eternity.
So there at us with doses? And with doses at us here that! From hundred to two hundred fifty grams of dry red wine a day - here that admissible norm which will not be injurious to health both physical, and sincere if the grams mentioned by me are accepted taking into account age, temperament, health and body weight of the person who was going to accept these grams.
I, of course, any injection on an empty stomach!!! Wine is used by small drinks in the course of meal and only then it promotes digestion, but does not break it. same
who wishes to taste wine before started a meal, and especially in those cases when the toast is said, I can advise purely noble focus known for all as - to taste. You do a small drink of wine and, savouring taste and aroma of drink, “smear“ it on a gullet.
Alcohol should not get into an empty stomach at all! And such - high-concentrated grape juice what dry red wine is, should not disturb mucous a small intestine where wine will freely get if you drink it before meal. The same, by the way, treats also usual fruit juice.
Nearly forgot to tell a little about what it is better to give to red wine of a grade of Cabernet and what it is better to avoid. Such drinks as Cabernet, that is drinks with a difficult delicate taste and aroma, demand simple food. But there is several taboo. The first is, strangely enough, nuts. Nuts slightly knit, dull a susceptibility of flavoring hillocks and, as they say - sideline language. Therefore to wine it is impossible to give nuts. The second - vinegar. Vinegar kills on the spot all charm of a bouquet of Cabernet. So, the salads filled with vinegar do not suit for snack. And a taboo the third - a tobacco smoke which just destroys aroma of wine.
About that to be at a table of perfumery or not to be, it is difficult to speak today, some types of spirits are already almost clothes, but taste and aroma of Cabernet from presence of expensive perfumery at a table, in several minutes become useless. Cabernet “does not love“ such products as a liver, a bird and fish in what way they would not be prepared. As a last resort - pork. But ideally is stewed or best of all beef, fried on fire.
Here, it seems, and all!
Wine is a pleasure and fun, but it is a grief and defect. Wine generously awards and cruelly punishes for ignorance of a measure. So let`s not forget that clever people spoke:
- Clever drinks until to it it does not become good, and the fool - until to it it does not become bad.