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Its gift. How to understand that it “was stuck“?

you are in an initial stage of the relations, or the relations did not begin yet, but have for this purpose every chance. Your birthday comes. Believe, the gift presented by the young man interesting you can tell a lot of things about his true feelings and intentions. It is necessary only to be able to read between lines.


is Very desirable for

that your admirer did not ask outright what to present. He wants to prepare for you a surprise! In families or in the relations which are not one year old the question of a gift is quite usual and planned in “home accounts department“. But if you suddenly decided to encourage a few feelings - this option just for you.

The simplest if the girl suddenly inadvertently mentions that “ah, I have a birthday soon, and I already such adult, and still did not learn to skate on roller-skaters“. If she is silent as fish, is option to specify a desirable gift poll of the best friends or sisters. They usually “in a subject“. Or it is possible to bring the ladylove into shopping center simply to walk on shops and to watch closely that interested her.


At your gentleman is the whole 24 hours that to congratulate you! It means that as he was busy if in his soul there are feelings, he will find five minutes at least for a call. And if he did not congratulate you at birthday - it is a disturbing signal. Heart in love will demand to throw off the SMS - ku at midnight and to be the first in the list congratulating.

And if besides in the morning or in the evening he unexpectedly comes to congratulate you - means, the guy seriously “was stuck“.

My daughter has a friend in a garden. He did not know that it has a birthday today. But it was not left without gift. Having learned that the daughter this day has still occupations in a circle, the friend came with a gift and with mother there. He could congratulate easily the birthday woman tomorrow, but he wanted to make pleasant this day. If children even of kindergarten age understand importance of this day, really to the adult it can be unclear...

the Gift

So, you develop brilliant packing and see …

1. Hend - meyd (something, made with own hands)

my future spouse gave me self-made jewelry. Unpretentious, but madly expensive to me. A stone with our code word on a lace or a bracelet from cockleshells. And I in reply knitted to it a scarf. Spokes. Though before was not able. But for the sake of it learned.

Something, made hands, not necessarily has to be something material. The poet in love presented to the girlfriend very sincere poem and sang it. The author of “ShZh“ easily can write the magic essay about darling … My already taken place husband is a programmer early in the morning surprised me with the blossoming rose on the screen. And I with frenzy dialed in its favourite broadcast to congratulate it also on radio.

Generally, time and efforts enclosed in a gift are directly proportional to storming feeling.

2. Expensive gift

It something from area of a yuvelirka, branded things, spirits and an other glamour. Expensive gift seasoned with a magnificent bouquet, of course, gives the man with prosperity. But if your elect is not rich, it has to be twice pleasant to you. If for the sake of you the person got on credit or saved on breakfasts, means you to him more than are not indifferent.


Travel to other city, the country or just weeds a romantic gift in the balloon. You have every chance on this travel to receive one more gift - the offer of a hand and heart. Happens, the admirer has a little money, but he organized for you magic evening - invited somewhere. And it optional has to be the restaurant, quite will approach also on - student`s a democratic pizzeria or cinema. Or shish kebabs outdoors. Main - not the place, but desire to make to you pleasant. If he did not depart all evening from you, paid compliments and in every way entertained - even if you did not reach a hand and heart yet, the novel is quite perspective.

4. A gift from shop

I Mean shampoos, soap, office, ware, household appliances, inexpensive gift certificates etc. That is all that can be bought, especially without reflecting, in any shop. Though there is one very big BUT. If the gift is beaten and furthermore “is ordered“ - in the relations everything normally. If it is bought for decency and does not bear in itself(himself) any secret sense - do not attach to these relations special significance. The same treats also money. If your gentleman brought you an envelope with money, I would not wait from it for anything special. If, of course, in an envelope not one million.

Once one my ex-boyfriend presented very beautiful pendent - a heart from a moonstone. I was on top of the world, yet did not learn that he bought this pendent together with his friend. Not just borrowed from it, and bought such personal gift for two. The broken relations became a result. And not from - for a pendent. Just I understood that I mean nothing to it.

5. About what you asked

Actually is very good gift. And doubly it is good if it is followed some of above-mentioned gifts. If presented you only notorious rollers, I would think that your admirer was greedy a little. To surprise darling, it is possible to make so much absolutely free of charge! Yes it is at least banal under a window on snow to stick together heart and to fill in it with the tinted water or chalk I would like to write “You“ … I to it believed

I on your place. At least for today.