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The ghost of female happiness

the Most important sense in human life is a desire to be happy. Human happiness is many-sided and many images and forms have. And among this variety there is so-called female happiness, is probably something very special, what only women are able to afford, there is no man`s happiness, in any case, I did not hear about it. Women dream of it, speak, envy that who has it. On any Women`s Day the birth the birthday woman of female happiness can hear a wish , is happiness mysterious and inexplicable, generally, illusive female happiness.

From what female happiness becomes the ghost ? I on it have five reasons. So:

1. Dependence on foreign opinion, man, parents, children, fashions, diets and so on. The woman who tries to be good for parents for the husband, for his parents, is dependent on that “what people will tell“, “that will think“ and very many people and what else, it is hardly happy. Of course, we are afraid to be unclear and deprived of love and comfort therefore, from the relatives we though a little, but are dependent, only when this dependence oversteps the personal limits - it defines happiness or misfortune of the woman. First of all, dependence influences the choice and adoption of important decisions. It is impossible to claim, as if full ignoring of opinion of people around is and there is a sign of the self-assured and happy woman, no! Always to agree to differ not end in itself. It is much more important that others estimates, new diets and other social stereotypes did not prevent the lady to go the own way.

2. Concern in external “facade“, but not internal development, also does not contribute to female happiness. It is a lot of women who consider that they always have to look perfectly and at the same time as it is possible more young. Just so there are ridiculous cases that you do not know to cry or laugh, watching these young women. Having spent the most part of time for a hairdress, clothes and a make-up and it is casual on the street having noticed that it made poorly up lips or a ringlet not there it is curled, begin to look for chaotically a toilet that to correct it. What is it? Comedy of uncertainty, perfectionism or paranoia? I do not urge to refuse cosmetics and hairdresses, but sometimes it is possible and to dare to be natural. There is a wish to be beautiful, so develop yourself, raise, study, you will feel beauty in yourself, at any “facade“ and without it!

3. The woman who considers the man by means for achievement of the purposes bars to herself the way fortunately in private life. All of us, and men and women want something from each other, but are not always ready to give. It is necessary to one will settle, another the child to give rise more comfortably, the third, to brag to girlfriends a wedding ringlet, here only than it can turn back? Destruction of illusions and disappointment. The man - means, through some time begins to treat the woman “badly“: does not give money, avoids participation in education of children, begins to be fond of alcohol or adventures “on the left“. Therefore, choose the partner in life, but not a frying pan for baking of pancakes which all the same will be only a lump.

4. We are women of a being emotional and therefore the female love is capable of a lot of things, both to cure and to warm and strangle those to whom it is directed. The feeling of all-consuming love is familiar to you? What emotions if the man was late at work … infinite calls and desire always to be with him every second rage. And what occurs if the man leaves such lady to another … or if the child adult already does not call time to the mummy? The woman is not capable to maintain the harmonious relations with the man with a similar illness and is not capable to raise happy children. And the happy woman loves herself and gives freedom to the husband and children.

5. Unhappy women often step on the same rake and are not able to analyze the facts of the life and to learn lessons from mistakes. Despite hundreds of made attempts, the unhappy woman continues to meet married men, continues to live with the husband who beats her, divorces one alcoholic and finds another. Only the serious assessment of own behavior, understanding of mistakes, understanding of what is really necessary for you in lives and search of a way without rake can interrupt this vicious circle.

Here only the main reasons owing to which, happiness of the woman and will remain the ghost on all her life are described if of course not to try to change itself and to become happy.