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As how we read?

began to Read less, it is the fact. It is simpler to watch TV. It is available, and it is not necessary to think. It seems that the unwillingness to think exerts harmful impact on many. Movies and series without thought became popular. And books if are read, then the action (dynamic action, and any to you is more and more reflections about meaning of life).

In a prompt rhythm of life and to read - that is once. If you look in what book, it appears either the reference book, or recipes.

And times when on the TV only two channels showed are well remembered. Happened, and you will listen to radio. But it is much more interesting - books. Attract dusty, forgotten by parents, and new, still smelling of typographical paint. We re-read everything that was at home, and then stayed for hours in library. And did not notice how there passes time!

Happened, on the TV will show the movie on familiar work. And you look and you understand - not that. In the book - life rages, life flows, and here - at all not life. Pictures. Seldom when the movie impresses more than written. It, perhaps, exception.

We not just cease to read. We stop thinking. It is sad.

Recently in bookstore I asked to give me Isaak Babel “The Odessa stories“. And here trouble - did not find such book. But there were much others. Beautiful, shouting, empty. Swallowed - forgot - threw out.

I remember how I got acquainted with above-mentioned work. What to sin there, earlier itself was fond of easy pursuits, fairy tales, imaginations. In adolescence sweet of “The Odessa stories“ could not taste. (As well as to many others) it is necessary to grow to this book. And here I read the first history. Did not catch sense. But it was hooked. Read once again and still …

Then, retold to the husband (can, he will explain?) . After retelling the picture in the head began to develop. And when in the next discussion of work it became clear that my understanding is similar to perception of others, it became pleasant. Means, understood! Means I can, I am able! And before me the otkrylsyanovy world. Not words and not stories, but whole life of inhabitants of Odessa, their life, characters, moods, stories. Reality which is interesting for touching. To catch the transferred world, it is necessary to be completely in it. And not that to think, and to feel. You hold not the book in hand any more, you absorb spirit of the people, time … You learn heroes of the narration in their habitual, and for you to a new situation. You hear this dialect nearby - special, unique, Odessa. Well than to you not “3D“? Even it is better!

For the first time I took pleasure from a shtudirovaniye of each small story. Came back to it once again and still. Because it was extraordinary pleasant to feel the atmosphere of old Odessa, to touch it “alive“. Here why people re-read favourite books!

Strugatsky write at all not worse, than modern, not become classics yet, but already popular fantasts. At the same time the inquisitive reader can at classics in a plot catch two, and even three senses. The sense is not always obviously expressed, even on the contrary, veiled“. It is necessary to think, to re-read, “digest“ more than once to open a new view. And it is so interesting! In the person the nature put a research instinct - take, realize, enjoy, work on yourself!

And than to you not popular psychology at Lem? Moreover what psychology - fantastic! But without reflections you will not see it in any way, you will not understand … So and we “the person conceiving“... or not?

Remarkable many-sided authors and their work can be listed long and with pleasure. I paid attention only to those of which I am fond recently. But it only beginning of searches, opening, take-off and falling.

The colourful worlds which not each individual of modern generation will manage to visit. Once. Life flows, the world changes, new technologies and opportunities suck in more and more …