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Traumatic gun “Shaman“. Why it is called a traumatic gun?

A you sometime saw the gun in caliber (diameter of a trunk) of 20 mm? More precisely, more than two centimeters? And now present that this “silly woman“ is directed to you. Inspires?-!

Standard ammunition of 20,5õ45 mm at distance to 1,5 m this weapon forces down from legs of the person of any build. Still, the boss`s power in 120 joules surpasses one of the most powerful in the world of traumatic cartridges of 18õ45 mm for the gun “WASP“ almost on a third.

The Tula firm “A+A“, it the producer of “nedopistolet“ “Cordon“ and an air gun “Ataman“ about which I already wrote earlier makes this “gun“. It only in Russia and in the world too, the producer of the most powerful traumatic cartridges of caliber of 20,5õ45 mm with electric ignition. They were created especially for the gun “Shaman“, are issued in small amounts.

For the purpose of expansion of “consumer properties“ of this weapon it was made two-caliber. When using special adapters in it is mute it is possible to use widespread cartridges of 18õ45 mm which are on sale in any weapon shop. Use of these adapters significantly expands scope of this weapon as native “shamanny“ cartridges of 20,5õ45 mm happen only traumatic action, and “osiny“ cartridges of 18õ45 mm - the traumatic, paralyzing (svetoshumovy) influence, alarm various flowers and lighting.

Technical characteristics traumatic gun “Shaman“:

caliber: 20,5õ45 mm or 18õ45 mm when using a special adapter;
length: 118 mm;
height: 125 mm;
width: 28 mm;
weight without cartridges: 220 g;
effort of descent: 4 kgfs, the closest competitor of “WASP“ has 40 kgfs;
holder capacity: 2 boss.

The design of “Shaman“ is very similar to the Izhevsk MR - 461 “Policemen“. For production of a shot the removable cartridge with two cartridges is put on the handle. After shots this cartridge is removed and another is loaded. “Shaman“ is slightly easier than “Policeman“, his handle by the sizes is less. The gun is equipped by a laser tseleukazatel, the automatic safety lock which is built in by the two-color indicator of level of a charge of the battery. The trigger is not protected by a safety bracket, however the safety lock which is propping up a trigger does not allow to make a shot even with very strong pressure. And here when the gun is gripped, the safety lock releases a trigger and descent turns out very easy, it is nearly 10 times easier, than at the gun “WASP“.

of Advantage

At all the huge power “Shaman“ - one of the most compact and easy traumatic guns in the Russian market. And one of the most inexpensive. Costs, on a price of firm of the producer on 08. 04. 2012, 5500 rub, is slightly less than $200. Cheaper even double-barreled “Policeman“ whose price of the same time makes 6845 rub. At the same time three replaceable two-cartridge cartridges, and in a set of “Policeman“ only two are included in the package of “Shaman“. At the same time “Policeman“, naturally, cannot shoot cartridges in caliber of 20,5 mm.


Easy plastic design. Though the producer declares a resource of “Shaman“ “over 1000 shots“, on appearance of it will not tell. But it is only my personal opinion.

About some pritselnost and a grouping there cannot be a speech in general. Especially when firing by cartridges of caliber of 20,5 mm.

For the weapon under powerful traumatic ammunition ease and compactness “are not a zer gutnut“. At a shot of native 20,5 mm the boss the palm considerably “dries“ strong return.

“Frightening“ influence of the gun almost zero. It looks as a plastic toy. At the same time the power of ammunition is slightly higher, than at a smooth-bore “Obrezycha“ (MR - 341 “Hauda“).

And one more not palatable consequence of compactness and ease of the weapon. The gun is more compact and easier, the it is simpler to lose it, even without having felt it.

The cover of a battery compartment is often lost. Elementary the fragile plastic latch breaks - and the lid drops out together with the battery … Result: at the right time you take this “pushechka“ from a pocket, and it does not shoot. For the simple reason - the battery remained in a pocket. Even on the Chinese guns for game in airsoft the cover of a battery compartment is fastened by the screw - the self-tapping screw! The advanced users recommend to stick right after purchase this cover with an adhesive tape, the benefit the battery changes time in several years.

Two cartridges for the self-defense weapon everything is a little. Usually two-charging arms are carried in addition to the basic, more multicharging. For example, with the self-defense four-charger “Blow“.

According to reviews from weapon forums, the main illness of “Shamans“ - a doublet, a dual shot. The “advanced“ users strongly recommend to shoot not less than ten 20,5 mm of cartridges after purchase of this weapon. If there is at least one doublet, it is better to change the gun especially as it is recommended also by the producer, the Tula firm “A+A“.

“Battery“ food. The charge of the battery should be checked regularly that the gun did not refuse at the right time. Besides, the battery strongly loses a charge at subzero temperatures.

And now and the answer to the question asked in heading. Why the gun “Shaman“ is called a traumatic gun? By the Russian weapon legislation, all weapon of caliber to 20 mm is considered shooting, and everything that is more than 20 mm, - artillery.

Well and how still to call the traumatic gun of caliber of 20,5 mm?