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Parody fighter “Musketeers“ (2011). A time - a time - we will be glad on the century?

Many legendary literary works (and - the father it is not necessary to doubt the similar status of the adventure novel “Three Musketeers“ of Alexandre Dumas) are exposed to reconsideration presently. The last seldom takes the form valid. Strive to obstebat or abstract from the original more and more as it is possible stronger to strike unpretentious public with originality of a plan and “innovation“.

The rectilinear screen version of “Three musketeers“ is bad manners. At least, in present Hollywood. Who needs literal interpretation of the world famous masterpiece written in the middle of the 19th century? Especially as such attempts were more than once made (for example, “Three musketeers“ of Stephen Herek, 1993) and did not lead to anything good. Therefore Paul U. S. Anderson, the ideological inspirer of the project and the creator of “Resident evil“ and “Alien vs. Predator“, reasonably assumed that the new screen version needs to be taken away far away from the primary source. It is more clear to make, boyevity and is more glamourous. Eventually, if to Guy Richie allowed to be played with Sherlock Holmes, what prevents to borrow from their neighbors - French of other, not less famous characters? Well Dumas - the father in the coffin a little bit will be twisted. To whom what business?

… France, 17th century. The young Louis XIII betrothed by the mother Maria Medici with the Spanish princess Anna Avstriyskaya experiences difficulties in political and private life. Line without understanding secret fuss at the bottom of a throne, Ludovic preferred to hand over the reins to the minister cardinal Richelieu secretly. The last dreams to turn from the puppeteer into the real governor therefore everywhere machinates to the young monarch and repairs all dirty tricks. The immediate goal - to set by the ears the governor with the queen. And as at most - to launch war with the neighboring England and to show a kuzkina mother to other European states.

The unfledged Gascon d`Artagnan arrives to Paris with the purpose to become the musketeer on service of the king. However his poor, but noble pride together with the overestimated self-conceit, ardent impudence and a ridiculous color of a horse plunge the young man into a chasm of infinite adventures. Without having managed to appear in the city, d`Artagnan becomes the participant of threefold duel, the winner in fight with the cardinal`s guardsmen, and also finds love of the nice maid of honor and favor of the king.

But enemies in the person of Richelieu, his espionage lazutchitsa of the milady de Vinter and the captain of guardsmen of Rochefort do not doze. For the good of France this, not sacred, the Trinity is going to set up cruelly Anna Avstriyskaya with diamonds and to foment the conflict with the powerful British duke Bekingem from a fly. Having found out true intentions of the minister, the queen charges to faithful musketeers to be ahead of conspirators and to return the stolen necklace …

Some of our compatriots still sincerely believe that the most successful and authentic is Yungvald`s screen version - Hilkevich with Mikhail Boyarsky. We will be honest, it not so. The domestic musical differs in multiple historical mistakes, a negligent casting (many actors, in particular Friendlich, Tabakov and Boyarsky, are much more senior than the characters), battle scenes, unnecessary specification, very modest on execution, and fairly tightened timings. That, in fact, this opus in one row with recent creation of Paul U. S. Anderson because in both cases authors picturized not the novel of Dumas - the father, and own perception of the book and its events puts. With only that difference that we do not feel any nostalgia to Anderson and therefore to stick together his attempts “from what“ was prejudiced not odobryam - Anderson of a lot of things had a page

A. After rather successful financial achievements the zombie - a trash - the franchizes “Resident evil“, the director of “Mortal Kombat“ and “Soldier“ began to be a producer of own works at cinema. Easy money attracted the same “experts on motion picture art“ from among sponsors that as a result it was summarized in 75 - the million budget. What, in turn, allowed authors to let out a picture in 3D, to invite in a shot of professional performers of an average link, to fork up on large-scale special effects, scenery and suits. Alas, this did not help to hide total absence of fresh ideas on realization in twenty - any time of the jammed plot.

With a casting more and more - it is less awful. Very few people doubted that the most part of a scrappy blanket to which “Musketeers“ are presented, the permanent muse and the wife of the director will draw on themselves Mila Jovovich (Milady). In spite of the fact that actor`s talents of Milla raise some doubts, the girl she pleasant in every respect, externally and internally. And that most important, our, native, domestic flood. This fact plus her undoubted charm drag a tape on the light party of Force. As well as participation of Orlando Blum who unexpectedly successfully replaced role “nice Legolas`s lassies“ with quite courageous and picturesque villain - the intriguer of Bekingem.

Rochefort performed by Mads Mikkelsen causes respect though it is time for actor to think of the thirst for characters with problem sight (Le Chifr from “the Casino the Grand piano“). At the same time German Christoph Waltz (Richelieu) who after the brilliant performance in “Inglourious Basterds“ of Tarantino slowly and truly slides on an inclined plane of roles through passage and the big fees did not equal hopes at all.

With positive images everything is much worse. On musketeers threw strong middle class therefore Ray Winston`s faces unfamiliar to wide audience (Porthos), Mathew Makfeydena (Athos) and Luke Evans (Aramis) the team game glories will not conceive. Logan Lehrman was boring and monotonous as d`Artagnan, but we will write off it for youth and lack of experience. Let`s give to the fellow chance in the sequel of “Percy Jackson“. Constantius and the queen Anna were absent in the movie as a class though the last at least bears a faint resemblance to the original, the benefit that portraits of that era remained. But most of all got to servants of musketeers from whom on the screen only one Planshe (James Korden) appears and that from useful small for some reason turned into the rural little fool.

You ask why there is no word about the king Ludovic. Probably, because in the movie there is no king Louis XIII. There is some shameful clown whose name I do not want to remember, behaving as the latent homosexual (even if such rumors and is, they should not have indulged) and the clown. Full zero. On its background even the gray mouse of Constantius shines like diamond suspension brackets.

It is possible to wipe tears for a long time, seeing as huge money soars on the screen in the form of elaborate airships. It is possible to tear out pieces from Anderson`s opus others finds, it seems a sloa - mo flights of “Matrix“ and ship fights of “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“. It is possible. But it is not necessary. As it is not necessary to chew primitive dialogues and to find in the movie of discrepancy with laws of physics. All this is evident one big bright attraction with useless 3D - effects and ailing work of screenwriters. And if our d`Artagnan could tighten lingeringly “Mercy to a side“ and it touched deeply about a floor - a turn, then the American option needs only to defy youth and ability to glue little girls on Tuesdays.