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How it is correct to use antibacterial soap? As all of us remember

from the childhood, Moydodyr used usual soap in the course of washing of children - slovens, but the twentieth century - a century of technologies - presented not only the first flight of the person in space. Not only Internet. But also the real soldier against microbes - antibacterial soap.

Some global hygienists claim that increase in life expectancy during our era, in comparison with the cave person, is connected first of all with the fact that we learned - to keep the hands clean. But, obviously, not everyone. There are statistical data that to a half of men after visit, I`m sorry, of a toilet do not wash a hand.

Imagine street shawarma at yourself in palms. Steam from it still brings down. The swarty seller, he is a cook, about half an hour descended on need before and, without troubling himself hygiene, the same hands by which the previous manipulations were done, there is enough unleavened wheat cake and does shawarma especially for you. I do not think that after a similar meal your immunity will trample uphill. Though speak: the more dirty, the more fine - it is a lie.

The majority of death in prehistoric and domylny times were connected with infectious diseases. Hands were gate for an entrance of microbes just. Ate with them, tried water temperature, greeted, touched carriers of infections. Everything changed when the person invented soap... I think, soap promoted the development of a human civilization galloping to growth of population of homo sapiens. Soap improved once Neanderthal physiognomy (notice, not washed and unshaven).

With the invention of antibacterial soap it seemed that transfer of infectious diseases through handshakes, food, hand-rail in public transport and other places became improbable. Advertizing of antibacterial properties of this soap went on television, in the press, on radio is very aggressive.

But too frequent use of antibacterial soap is not really useful. It works as antiseptics, and just antiseptics is a part it. Each doctor knows that the trouble of any medicine that in the beginning it is effective, and then at regular application an organism gets used to active ingredient of a preparation. And it already practically does not treat. And with antibacterial soap. Millions of microbes by which our hands are covered, eventually get used to the antiseptics which is a part of soap, and there is no effect any more. Exit can be in use of different types of antibacterial soap here, but, unfortunately, if to reject branded distinctions, it will become clear that producers use identical components in the course of soap manufacture. The antibacterial soap which is on sale in Israel, say, has the same structure, as similar soap in Uryupinsk.

Reasonable will alternate application of a usual toilet soap and antibacterial. And it is desirable to change grades, aromas, brands. To use plus for hygiene special liquid antiseptics for hands that are on sale in drugstores. Some pedants rinse hands after washing by antiseptic solutions like hlorgeksidin at all. For what all this? A variety in food trains zheludochno - an intestinal path. And a variety in means of fight against microbes trains an organism on fight against them.

Now we will tell a couple of words about the instruction for use of antibacterial soap. It to you not whetstone economic which still some socks are washed! This even not toilet soap in classical understanding. In use of antibacterial soap special approach which consists in lack of haste is necessary.

Here will not give a ride to option: washed, washed away and to run. The correct use of antibacterial soap assumes ability to turn into a statue. Soaped palms and stiffened, like a monument to Alexander Pushkin on Tverskaya Street of the capital. But it is necessary “to be frozen“ for a while. There will be enough two-three of minutes. Hands are soaped, the body is almost static. After 120 - 180 seconds of a palm to wash. Time it is necessary that the antiseptics which is a part of antibacterial soap had enough time to kill microbes.

Presently when various viruses are immediately mutated, and the line of infectious diseases spreads every day, use of antibacterial soap very much not to the liyena. Especially after visit of policlinic, hospital, public transport, office, giving, a cemetery, the veterinarian and other. But correct will apply this soap not regularly, and from time to time. The main thing - to avoid accustoming of skin of hands (to wash legs with antibacterial soap very exotically) to medical components of soap.

I will repeat: as often as possible change soap grades. Will not prevent to wash after dirty works palms hlorgeksidiny / miramistiny. But it is senseless to drag with himself in a soap tray whetstone of antibacterial soap everywhere. In general at heart becomes more more beautiful when, for example, after repair of a toilet bowl the plumber uses antibacterial soap and realizes that millions of microbes on his hands are neutralized. After any dirty works you in addition and yourself protect, and relatives, having washed hands by means of soap with antiseptics in structure.

Remember that purity - guarantee of health, and competent use of antibacterial soap just also bears to the person a part of required health.