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How to grow up sweet pepper at the dacha? Practical experience of

Sweet pepper is the remarkable vegetable culture which is very loved by gardeners - gardeners. On nutritiousness pepper are even higher than eggplants, and on the content of vitamin C to them is not present equal among all vegetables at all. In spite of the fact that pepper is a thermophilic plant, loves a temperate humid climate, it is possible to grow up it seedling and in severe Siberian conditions.

Good predecessors of pepper are cucumbers, cabbage and bean therefore for it I choose the place on a kitchen garden where earlier these cultures grew. I bring on future beds of pepper well decayed chicken dung and humus from compost in the fall. Evenly I level fertilizers, but I do not dig over, and just I leave untouched till spring.

I grow up pepper in an open ground with use of temporary shelters from agricultural ukryvny nonwoven fabric. Taking into account it, a grade I choose the most unpretentious and hardy. Recently I give preference to grades of sweet pepper the Merchant and Morozko. They not bad transfer big differences of temperatures, well form ovaries and yield a quite good harvest of beautiful and tasty fruits of red color.

Crops of seeds of pepper on seedling I carry out on March 15 - 20 by dry seeds on depth of 1 - 1,5 cm to glasses 0,5 l at once and subsequently I do not dive. I temper seedling, I thin out, I regularly water and I loosen. If pepper are seeded in time, then by the time of disembarkation in soil to them the first buds already have to appear.

In an open ground I land seedling in the third decade of May. For this purpose I try to choose day warm, but not really hot. I land pepper on beds 1 m wide in two rows. Distance between rows of 50-60 cm, and between pepper in a row - 30-35 cm. At once I establish metal arches and I fix on them ukryvny material. In especially cold spring nights in addition I cover beds over a nonwoven cloth also a polyethylene film or tent. Bitter and burning pepper surely I place separately from landings of sweet pepper at distance not less than 20 m, otherwise quality of fruits can appear under the threat .

I tie each plant to the peg which is specially established by a row. I do not do some pepper to Pasynkovaniye because the applied grades of it do not demand. After the termination of frosts I do not clean an ukryvny nonwoven cloth from beds all summer, only in hot weather I slightly open beds from edges, leaving from above the canopy protecting landings from the burning summer sun. I water pepper 2 - 3 times every week, surely I loosen beds and I regularly weed.

I feed up pepper twice during the season solution of a fresh chicken dung (concentration 1 to 15 - 20) at the rate of one bucket of solution on 10 - 12 plants. I do the first top dressing in the middle of June, and the second time - at the beginning of August. Top dressing give quite good effect, and pepper grow strong and healthy and the harvest turns out quite good. In process of a pospevaniye of fruits I remove them from plants in a stage of technical ripeness when begin to blanzhevet, brighten. Only on seeds I leave on one to the largest and the fruit which is keeping up the first from the strongest 2 - 3 plants and I give to seed peppers the chance to be on bushes, will not ripen completely yet.

Under shelters pepper not bad feel and continue to tie fruits till the fall. The last harvesting, for example, in the past (2011) a season took place on October 2.

The pepper which grew in an open ground are very tasty. We consume them fresh, surely we freeze part for winter consumption. Quite good on taste as well salty pepper. All winter fruits of this remarkable plant in all types are tasty addition to a dining table!