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To buy a window: whether it is easy to make it?

of Missile defense plastic windows are written much in total both how to choose, and what is better, and what prices, and here about process of the order and installation of information it is much less.

Probably, it because in each case and in each city all individually, however there have to be common problems arising upon purchase. Here the description of my drudgeries, perhaps, it will help someone upon purchase of plastic windows.

The city at us small, not regional therefore there is not a lot of firms selling windows from PVC - pieces ten. Among them is frankly expensive - branded where I did not begin to be put. To me it is uninteresting that they have windows from super - a fancy profile at which production apply some latest technology and materials. I all the same will not be able to check, and to overpay 3-5 thousand rubles for their advertizing there is no desire. It is a lot of announcements of cheap windows in the local newspaper and just at stops and columns. The specified so small prices that in general you begin to doubt existence of these windows. If they also are in the nature, then who does them - in what garage molds hi-tech production? Generally, this option was also rejected, as a result there were four - five firms.

By phone did not begin to ring round, decided to visit shops personally, the benefit on holiday. Measured a window which was going to change, and went. It was pleasant that by my sizes right there - in five minutes - counted how many will cost the end result. Everywhere the pleasant relation, consultation - service at height. At once promised to send the measurer, highlighting that it is free. The prices of windows were approximately identical, the difference made 100-300 rubles. My choice was made in favor of the company where offered, besides sealing by usual polyurethane foam, some material which is not collapsing over time the truth the price from it grew up rubles on 700.

The polite measurer came, it was undressed, measured, told: it is necessary to come to sign the contract, left. I descended, officially issued the transaction. I wait. There passed week, another - silence. Holiday comes to an end - leaving for work soon. Called, the girl speaks to me: “You did not pay the order therefore the window was not done yet - at first the absolute advance payment is necessary“. I to it: “Nobody spoke to me about it: in your office, your measurer - not every day I order windows“. Kept silent, and I went to pay. Did not begin to swear, told only that time draws in. Promised to be in time. In four days brought a window, a window sill and outflow, told: tomorrow will arrive to it - that time.

Measurer good fellow: measured everything correctly, and sometimes you will read that as people punchers hollow the whole day. In my case accurately broke out an old window, took out it with other garbage on a dump. Coped with work literally in two hours, showed that on level all precisely, was prompted as it is correct to use, gave an instruction, refused tea - once. Asked to fill a small questionnaire for improvement of work of the company where I everything, including the selling assistant who did not tell the word about an advance payment, put the five. Of course, if children did also slopes, then time would leave more, but I think that not much more - professionals!

What was not pleasant. Everywhere, having heard about the fact that the window should be put on kitchen, unanimously assured of need of the choice of a three-chambered double-glazed window: allegedly in kitchen a special microclimate, the increased humidity and therefore windows will begin to sweat. Perhaps, “experts“ are also right. However the friend living with me in one house has in kitchen a window with a two-chamber double-glazed window, and no “perspiration“ is observed. By the way, I gave in on arrangements of okonshchik.

Second moment: did not inform about a possibility of the order of a window with ventilating valves anywhere. Now it is necessary to air the room often: with installation of a plastic window just physically you feel how humidity increased. So mine to you council: before ordering, learn as much as possible (!) about future purchase.

Summing up the result, there is a wish to tell: measurers and fitters know the business, selling assistants accumulated experience, and here - mostly girls - beauties - understand plastic windows not better me. Though, maybe, everywhere differently?