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Whether to get a guinea pig?

After an exit to screens of the animated film “Crew of M“ where brave guinea pigs acted as the main characters, attention to these little fluffy small animals from children increased again. Many children began to ask parents to get to them such little pet.

And what we know about guinea pigs? How to look after them? And whether they will do harm the emergence in our family?

The guinea pig from usual predstvitelnitsy breed of pigs has nothing in common, despite the name. Unless sounds which it makes in something remind a pokhryukivaniye and a povizgivaniye of the real pigs, her namesakes. The guinea pig has a bite, characteristic of rodents, and cutters. But scientists, having conducted a number of researches, incline to defining this family in a separate look. And sea it at all not because loves water procedures. Guinea pigs were brought many years ago from - for the seas, and they were called overseas pigs earlier, and later the name was transformed to just guinea pig.

America, its Central and Southern part was the homeland of these fluffy little small animals. And there were guinea pigs about 35-40 million years ago. In the beginning it were wild animals who in search of heat, protection and food began to approach human dwellings and to be cultivated gradually. Ancient Inca sacrificed guinea pigs to pagan god of the Sun. Pigs of bright and motley colors of wool enjoyed wide popularity.

Times, eras changed, now guinea pigs are not sacrificed to pagan gods unless in the victim of science. They live not only in laboratories, but also in apartments, and in private houses as pets.

The guinea pig in contents requires less attention and cares, than the cat adoring sharpening the sharp kogtishch about furniture or a dog with whom it is necessary to walk both in good, and in rainy weather. And here the esthetic pleasure is an animal can bring not smaller, than larger pets.

The cage of a guinea pig does not take a lot of place, and if it is regular to clean and clean it, then no unpleasant smell from a small animal and his dwelling in the house will exist. In food the guinea pig is unpretentious, can eat both ready-made feeds, and vegetables and fruit from your table.

This little animal is not recommended to give meat not to do much harm to his health and not to provoke possible aggressive behavior. Leaving does not make special efforts and does not take a lot of time. Character at guinea pigs quiet and friendly, is lovely manual small animals. Care of it can be entrusted even to children at the age of 7 years. The child will feel responsibility for the favourite and will be able even independently, without the aid of parents, cares for him.

It is also possible to refer to advantages of the choice of a guinea pig its not aggression in relation to the human race. There live guinea pigs about 5-6 years at the correct leaving and appropriate care, are well tamed. It is interesting to children, and adults to watch their behavior both. These are beautiful little animals. Now there are many breeds of guinea pigs, a different color and with a different length of wool. These animals actively in the afternoon days behave, and prefer to sleep and not to intrude upon leisure of the owners at night.

The only nuance which needs to be considered if you decided to get houses a guinea pig is that special attention should be paid on the balanced food of the little friend. Do not forget to clean wires near a cell of your pet in order to avoid a possibility that the little rodent will gnaw them.

Pigs mobile animals, and periodically they need to be “walked“ - to release from a cage, at this time it is necessary to watch an animal that the pig did not get into a hard-to-reach spot and it was not lost in the big apartment. Guinea pigs very gentle, it is worth avoiding their overcooling, stay on drafts and under a source of cold air.

Guinea pigs - defenseless animals therefore with decision-making to bring at itself these kids all responsibility for their long and happy life lays down on the owner.

At observance of recommendations about care of a guinea pig you will become for her the best owner.