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Beauty and health: with new honey?

Honey as a valuable product was known to mankind for a long time. It was eaten, were treated by it and much to what applied. From ancient science the Ayurveda it is known that honey possesses absolutely unique qualities of warming and activization of an exchange. For this reason it is one of the main components in all diets and systems of weight loss.

Medical effect of honey is based on contents in it a huge amount of enzymes from pollen of plants which stimulates an exchange and all functions of our organism. Long ago it is known that for treatment of catarrhal diseases honey needs to be put in hot tea, having added six drops of a lemon there. But hot water reduces curative properties of honey therefore for treatment of all other illnesses it is necessary to do in a different way. You take a tea silver spoon in the evening, you scoop it honey and you put in a glass in which you pour warm boiled water. It is so necessary to leave for the night, the main thing - not to stir. Honey has to be dissolved or “disperse“. In the morning curative drink is ready to the use.

Before drinking it, in a glass it is necessary to add a little hot water as water of room temperature is acquired worse. The silver spoon makes water ionization by silver ions that will increase digestibility of honey a mucous membrane of intestines and will improve its microflora. Honey can be taken any, but it is better white or yellow - spring or flower. At the regular use it is a fine way of treatment practically of all chronic diseases. It is necessary to take honey drink on an empty stomach for half an hour, and it is better for an hour till a breakfast.

It is very effectively possible to apply medicinal properties of honey in a bath. The bath since ancient times is known as the best treatment at different illnesses. Besides, it is still beauty shop and health. High temperatures intensify exchange processes, relax muscles and stabilize mentality. Intensive sweating causes an effective drainage through a skin time, sweat clears them. From skin the horny scales are removed, causing its rejuvenation.

But the main thing in a bath is, of course, massage. Since ancient times all bone-setters - massage therapists worked in baths as an indispensable condition of massage is deep warming up of fabrics and muscles which is possible only in a bath. But massage in a bath is not limited classical and medical at all. If we take with ourselves in a bath an oak broom, then it works as a fan, carries out active temperature massage of biologically active points of an organism, significantly improving work of bodies and systems. The tannins which are contained in leaves and branches of an oak carry out treatment of vessels, relaxing them and increasing their elasticity.

If we take with ourselves in a bath a birch broom, then it works as an active massage element: due to flexibility of branches he carries out soft and deep massage of fabrics and treatment of integuments. The essential oils which are contained in birch leaflets actively influence all bodies and systems, increasing desire at women and a potentiality at men. It is the best way of treatment of chronic prostatitises and adneksit. Essential oils from a birch leaf intensify functions of ovaries, improve their blood supply, intensify function of conception and reduce risk of infertility which can just arise from the stress caused by conditions of our life.

But very few people know what unique treatment can be carried out in a bath by usual honey. For this purpose we take with ourselves a honey jar, it is better buckwheat, in volume of 100 - 150 milliliters and after the second calling a steam room we carry out massage by honey of zadnesredinny meridians which speed up work of all our bodies and systems. For this purpose we lay down on a stomach and simply we rub honey along a backbone - on palm width on the right and to the left of ridge, at the same time the backbone should not be massed. We apply honey on finger-tips and simply we rub it along a backbone on the right and at the left, since a waist.

Honey massage in a bath is the best treatment of all chronic diseases, from an urolithic illness to asthma and diabetes. It is even better if in breaks between calling a steam room you drink green tea with honey. It will raise a drainage, will carry out dyubazh a liver and makes active a conclusion of unnecessary products of an exchange from an organism.