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Everything will return? Or the law of a boomerang in operation

that in our life the law of a boomerang works, were known still by ancient. Formulations of this law could be different, but the sense always remained one. Everything comes back. And it is inevitable. Not to leave, not to run away from it. All made us, consciously or unconsciously, on rage human or by stupidity of human inevitably to us comes back. Here it here vital deja vu. Years when we and the nobility forgot about the act later, the situation in which we appear, with accuracy, on the contrary, in other role is modelled. And how we once arrived, our future depends.

As the call, so the echo … Do not spit in a well, and that waters it is necessary to get drunk … Bible - that you will seed, you will reap. In different cultures and at the different people, the options of scoring. But it does not change sense. The law of a boomerang very closely intertwines with prichinno - investigative communication. Only, instead of a consequence, we appear in a starting point again, but in other role. And there can be it and there is a consequence? And if, getting into a situation, we make the wrong choice, wrong actions, then, as a result, once will also treat us.

Vital example. The young girl worked as the secretary. Let`s not judge, will not condemn also us - once she became the mistress of the chief. Not to tell that this situation was pleasant to it, but she valued work. Therefore suffered and represented unearthly passion. The chief had a strict wife who per day called the husband on ten times, and not only on personal phone, but also on working. However, such total control, urged on the chief to love feats on the verge of risk with mad flash of adrenaline. And here the secretary was sprained under a hand. So they also lived. There is a lot of, it is a lot of. The girl the secretary came to work once and reported to the chief that she plans to go month through three to the decree, it is necessary to sign papers. And the chief announced the decision to dismiss her without severance pay. Whether took offense that she was not loyal to it, whether did not love pregnant women. The girl the secretary in tears, such stress, besides that suffered all these years, represented love, so it is thrown out on the street now as an unnecessary thing. In a rush of just anger, she threatened the chief to tell it to the wife about their communication. The self-satisfied and self-confident boss, as changed, he fell on knees and began to cry and beg, not to break his family, to keep him with the wife love further in the text. And where there was a love to the wife when you with me … Krom of emptiness and loathing, in soul of the girl nothing remained. To forget both the chief and his wife quicker and to begin new life. She told nothing. And the chief quickly recovered, took the new young secretary, and did not pay the severance pay of former. The silly woman I, likely, thought the girl, beginning new life, it was necessary to punish him … But who we are such to judge? There passed years. She became the successful lady. Married. Gave birth to three children. House full bowl. As she, suddenly meets absolutely by chance, the former chief. Only now it at all not the chief - the wife found it with the next secretary and deprived of everything. The former business man from Mivina on Mivina and beer is interrupted now, instead of cognac pain fills in - cheaper so. Also our former business man took in head to spoil life to the former secretary. Threatened that to sell history of their torrid love affair (he so thought of their nervous spasms) to journalists in the form of a compromising evidence on the spouse of the secretary. Headings of newspapers had to be like “The spouse of such famous person, in being to the secretary who loved the chief“ Something like it. Our matured secretary also cried, and on knees before it fell - she valued a family and reputation. All would seem. Life will fail. Also this loser will destroy it. As suddenly it just disappeared from the horizon. Ceased to appear and threaten. No, nothing happened to it. It it is simple as though forgot.

Coincidence, someone will tell. But, we, with you know that the law of a boomerang in operation worked. If our secretary many years ago made the fatal confession, then and in the present her life would be destroyed by a hand of the participant of all this history. They as though traded places and roles. What you will seed, you will reap … The girl seeded silence and forgiveness, silence with forgiveness returned to her later time.
But how justice, someone will ask? It was fair to expose the traitor. Perhaps and. But it is necessary to remember that always when we manage justice, we need to expect fair the attitude towards ourselves. Let`s seed compassion and forgiveness, and we for our mistakes will be forgiven. And to restore justice - not our this human business.

Before to tell something, to make, or not to tell and not to make anything, wonder, you are ready to operation of the law of a boomerang in the life?