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To be a bitch - a shortcoming or advantage?

After these women are wrapped men. For the sake of them they are ready to go on feats that again and again to win them, showing the machismo.

Women see off baleful looks and whisper behind the back. Ah, it such - syaky Bitch in a word.

But who such bitch actually? To be a bitch is a shortcoming or all - advantage of the woman?

The bitch - this that woman who loves herself more, than others. And that bad in love to, in respect of the female and human dignity. What bad is in appreciating themselves, to protect, protect from troubles and adversities? What bad is in being to beautiful, successful and happy all enemies to spite? Not to turn the other cheek under strokes of bad luck and favourite people?

The one who considers the bitch only as the scandalous and foolish woman is mistaken. On the contrary, the woman the bitch the excellent strategist who does not pronounce any word in vain. And in vain to spend the nerves and the bitch will not break on shout too. You should not confuse it to the ordinary noisy woman. Weak women shout and beat ware. The bitch will only crookedly smile following to the leaving man, and will look on one million next day. Though do not leave the real women, that is the real bitches of the man.

The bitch will not hang the head when it is read by the administration. No. She, most likely over time, will try to occupy a convenient chair of the head. And it will occur not only thanks to its beauty as will consider the majority, but also to her mind. The bitch will never hang the head and will not wave on herself, on the contrary she will continue to self-improve and will never limit the world and the life to a plate, kindergarten and series in the evenings. She will never walk about on the apartment in an old dressing gown and the worn-out slippers, but will be bright and effective even with a garbage can or in line for bread. She will always love herself, under any circumstances at any time.

Yes she is not a bitch, and the egoist, someone will tell. And what? Healthy egoism is also inherent in the bitch. But unless in beams of its success, beauty, mind members of her family are not heated? The bitch generously shares the benefits which she achieved with those who near it. Who is devoted to it, who you love its. The bitch does not suffer treacheries and is not able to forgive. Because once betrayed and crossed line, will be able to repeat the act with already smaller conscientious fluctuations and doubts. The bitch seldom has girlfriends. Acquaintances, employees, neigbours, but not girlfriends. The bitch does not believe in female friendship because she well learned the vital lesson - everyone for herself. She is not able to feel pity. Because the weak enemy is more dangerous strong, strong is capable of a big act - forgiveness and reconciliations, the weak enemy - will never cease to create small troubles.

For what so do not love bitches, if to understand, then the bitch is not a sentence, it only definition of the real woman. But do not love it for its success, for her mind, for its force and beauty. For the fact that in life actually she achieved everything. Achieved and perfectly knows the price to eety success. The bitch as the black sheep, stands out from the gray crowd, the ordinary, tired and exhausted with vital cares women. Also hate it for the fact that they are not such. Hate for the fact that lost self-confidence, in the opportunities, ceased to appreciate themselves and to respect. And it could Escaped and achieved everything that wanted.
Well, it and the bitch - rushes it following. And it continues to go on life with is proud of the raised head.