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Shish kebab. Where is he from?

already warm in the afternoon the Sun as in spring. The nature will recover from hibernation soon: trees and bushes will turn green, birdies will begin to remove the ringing trills. And the people for the weekend will stretch to the country. And what sortie on the nature without shish kebab with a smoke?

What is a shish kebab?

As soon as ancient people learned to support by

fire, there was a powerful evolutionary jump in their food. They began to roast pieces of meat and tubers of plants over fire, having got them on a stick. It allowed to improve taste of food and to diversify a diet. From antiquity up to the 18th century worldwide people fried on spits of ink wild and pets. To save fuel and quicker to make meat, its began to cut small pieces and to string or on wooden rods, or on metal.

The traditional shish kebab is a food of nomads of Asia. It was made of mutton which was fried on metal or wooden rods over fire. Experts believe that the real shish kebab is a dish of kitchen of the Turkic people. The word “shish kebab“ ascends the roots to Krymsk - to the Tatar word “shish“ that the bayonet, peak means. The shish kebab is the meat strung on peak, the meat food made on a spit.

If to make small linguistic digression, then it will become clear that in Turkey and Bulgaria the shish kebab is called shish - kebab. It is necessary to notice that kebab means fried meat, this word has the Persian origin. In Azerbaijan the shish kebab is called just as kebab, in Georgia - mtsvad, in Armenia - horovats. In the Transcaucasian republics for each people the shish kebab is the national dish having the name and features of preparation.

The meat made in due form and to canons, turns out very juicy and fragrant. Presently a shish kebab is called any meat made on coals. The shish kebab is the meat which is not simply fried on skewers, it is a certain ritual with the rules and traditions.

the Shish kebab - the cosmopolitan?

B Russian “Lists to imperial foods“, written at the beginning of the 17th century, the list of dishes of a table of the Moscow sovereigns contains. Among big abundance of the food moving on a monarchic table the hens prepared on a spit, ducks, hares and meat are mentioned.

In the USA prefer to cook meat not on a spit, and on lattices in special units which are called a barbecue. In process of readiness of a product it is overturned on other party and brought to standard.

In Latin America prepare a shish kebab on the of manners. For example, in Brazil a local shish kebab - the shuraska - is prepared so. The big piece of meat is strung on a skewer and fried over naked flame. When the top layer is fried thoroughly, it is cut off a sharp knife in a plate. Thus, the big piece of meat removes from a spit to plates of guests gradually.

In North Africa it is accepted to prepare shish kebabs from small pieces of marinated mutton. In the desert countries with fuel a crunch therefore shish kebabs are prepared on fires from a saxaul and a box. Pieces of coal after a fire very hot, smolder long and have remarkable aroma. Who managed to try such shish kebab with a smoke, say that nothing any more delightful they in the life of a fir-tree.

In Japan for preparation of a shish kebab often use various seafood. If the dish is prepared on coals or on naked flame, then together with a shish kebab Japanese eat marinated ginger. It is considered that coal can absorb in itself various smells. When on coals cook food, they transfers these smells to products. Ginger helps to beat off foreign smells from the tasted dish!

Korean cuisine is famous for the shish kebab from a duck - an orikogikua. Duck for such shish kebab prepare in a special way: add spices, greens to it, and from above strew with icing sugar. The shish kebab from the duck prepared on naked flame has tremendous taste. - not to overroast the main thing not to lose a culinary charm of the Korean dish.

From what can prepare a shish kebab?


U you plans a trip to the country, you invited the guests to shish kebabs. What to begin preparations with? Pervo - napervo should decide from what there will be a shish kebab: from meat or fish. There are no strict rules now, the shish kebab not necessarily has to be only from mutton therefore we consider options of shish kebabs from meat, chicken meat or sturgeon, for example. Important one - that products were fresh.

Preparation of shish kebabs from mutton - business thin. Mutton has to be young and low-fat. Onions need to be scrolled via the meat grinder and to mix with meat pieces that meat became impregnated with onions juice. After that the adjika made from tomatoes, pepper and spices is added and all this is pickled within 24 hours.

Meat is pickled either in vinegar, or in wine. It becomes softer. The Crimean Tatars, for example, presoak meat in sour milk. For taste preservation meat can be pickled in garnet juice. Pieces of marinated meat are very densely got on a skewer. Pieces of coal are already ready, and Brochette from pork is a high time to begin to fry shish kebabs …

. For its preparation it is possible to use gammon or ribs. Procedure of preparation of meat same, as for mutton. Edges are usually cut by couples, when threading on skewers it is necessary to pierce pulp between them.

If you decided to prepare beef shish kebab , then keep in mind that beef meat is more rigid, than pork. To make it softer, beef should be soaked previously in sparkling water. To further use the usual recipe of preparation. The shish kebab will turn out soft, fragrant and juicy.

Usually with meat shish kebabs it is the best of all to drink not cooled red dry wine, and it is better to leave vodka and beer for other feast.

A shish kebab from a chicken - too a remarkable dish. Best of all fillet will approach. For training of a bird the traditional equipment is used. It is only necessary to consider that it is longer necessary to pickle chicken, than pork. The shish kebab will turn out wonderfully well. With a chicken shish kebab it is better to use the cooled white dry wine.

When you leave on an open-air, the main course on your magic tablecloth - a shish kebab. Other snack have to be lungs and only stimulate appetite, but not distract attention from a main course. Usually to shish kebabs serve fresh tomatoes, greens, green onions, cheese, seasonings.

To look for the country where the shish kebab for the first time appeared, it does not make sense. Shish kebabs are an occasion to gather together that and to communicate, without hurrying anywhere. By the way, do not forget to leave the mobile phones at home that nothing distracted you from pleasant conversation with friends and contemplation of beauty of the surrounding nature.