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Why to us to know what it is not necessary to know about or Why physiologists are boring people? We everything collect

gulbariya. No, not a herbarium. Plants pull and butterflies young naturalists dry. And we, old laid-back persons, dry ourselves. And still we pickle and we salt with bitter tears. Therefore “gulbary“ of offenses, experiences and tears gathers in our souls with age.

To us all the same, in what occasion to be pickled. It is possible and without cause. Earlier I considered that ability to worry on business and without depends on the person, and thirst for knowledge - exclusively correct occupation. Did not get acquainted with very clever woman yet - the physiologist, professor. Since then I lost rest. Though, as envisioned by the physiologist, had to find him. Yes, and I try not to face professors since then...

In five seconds she managed to explain me things of which I never thought. Because got used to behold, perceive, trust and not to analyze especially. She vividly explained to me (though I also did not ask) that we yawn not because that to us it is boring and to level pressure in an inner ear, to straighten bound together alveoluses of lungs. We blink to moisten our eyeballs (it is necessary, what word - “apples“!)

And that we do not fall in love at all, and just in air we catch something from a certain person and some baddy from which the roof goes is injected into our organism. And in general love - something like a disease, a stress. And the stress, in turn, is any situation you, except situation you at rest. That is to scratch behind an ear - means, to have the most severe stress. However!

And we suffer at the sight of “former“ because once our organism “remembered“ this pain. Also reproduced again, having seen the same object - a pain source. And I, the little fool, believed that to us it is painful from - that at heart we grieve for happy time in our life. In total at the level of cages, molecules - and nothing, that is nothing is absolute, with all the heart. Here so everything is simple, it appears. Simply and boringly.

She knew the nature of all phenomena, the reasons of any behavior. Once I appeared not in the spirit of, she began to ask questions and, without having listened to the end of the answer, with enthusiasm stated the conclusions concerning the reasons of so sad behavior of the young person. Simple to genius. Since then I began to reflect, and arose belief in my head that everything is thought over by someone to trifles, including where you will look now. But you do not take any part in it.

And here - befell: we sat at movie theater, observing close up as Benisio del Toro slowly looks down … his dense eyelashes cast a shadow. “It is charming! Eyelashes protect the person from dirt and insects“, - with feeling she whispered. Thanks to them, of course, but I did not want to think at that moment of insects! And wanted about Benisio del Toro. But in the head knowledge continued to climb. And I understood that my friendship with the physiologist will not bring me to good.

But the main thing - understood that besides that strangers knock us into the heads, we absorb tons of unnecessary information which squeezes out a brain from a cranium .

Why, for example, every morning we are loaded with share indexes, stock quotations? Someone from reading prepares intervention on the western markets? For experts - it is not enough similar news, for the others is the double-Dutch at all.

Why I am told that my former divorced and with whom there were his children? Why to me the nobility what shout on meeting, from whom the daughter of at Kirkorov and what the neighbour`s dog is ill? I do not want it to know, but I hear about it, just because I have ears. And the one who long hears about something surely will begin to listen and react. To be irritated, as a rule. Because the nobility does not want about it anything.

the Outlook - it is very good. But not during that instant when to you it is expanded through the tubules inserted where it is possible. A civic stand and political activity - it is fine. When this yours. And it is necessary to be interested in what interests you from what sounds are more accurate, paints are brighter and breath intercepts somewhere halfway to lungs.

to me, for example, all the same, why trees green. They are beautiful. And the sky is fine though not so green.

Thanks to the physiologist - me was succeeded to install the information filter in the head and it was necessary only to watch its serviceability. The main thing not to tell it about it, and that the filter should be changed. Now I can admire eyeballs of del Toro without restrictions.

It is impossible to allow excess information to influence your mood, the it is more - on the attitude towards someone.

“It was ugly and the drunkard!“ - the aunt once answered my question of the one who such Obodzinsky. Also there passed many years before I grew up and, having heard its voice, understood how beautiful person he was actually.

Some things should be taken on trust, without tormenting itself with searches of their origin, without being interested in the principles of their work. In general it is better not to know about others. Therefore I parrot

for Lyapis Trubetskoy: “I believe in love. I believe in good. Also I will trust“. There will be also all! What was told there by physiologists. Boringly for them on light to know everything about the person. Here also experiment over us. Have a good time.