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How to leave off smoking

If you already seriously ask a question how to leave off smoking, then I can tell about you exactly two things. And they absolutely different in fact, it is possible even to tell opposite.

Is good to read further … that you realize all harm and all those problems which are brought in your life by smoking. Also you do at least small, but very important first step to refusal of cigarettes.

Badly here that this question though correct, but absolutely untimely. You care for means of achievement still before the purpose is defined. When you do not know what result you want and have to receive as a result.

From - behind this everywhere a widespread mistake thousands of people daily take chaotic actions, spend for it plenty of time and money, and do not receive the necessary result.

You want to know why?

Mainly because, despite a large number of fine means, both paid, and free, nobody is capable to solve your problem. In this case to answer the question asked by you:

How to leave off smoking?

The question is raised by the principle of imperial will - go there I do not know where, and bring me that, I do not know that.

Present that you work, for example, in hypermarket. I come and I ask you: “What I need to buy from you today?“

What you will answer me? Yes you just stare on me and will send where far away.

To answer this question you have to know at least how many money I can spend at present and satisfaction what requirements interests me at the moment.


In the same way you arrive when you hammer in Yandex or ask how to leave off smoking at a forum. Offers heap, and everything simply irresistible. And you will do nothing with it, business is business.

Interests of sellers are obvious here, but to you that it what for? you want to exchange time and money for disappointment and a depression? I think, no.

Then before looking for ways how to leave off smoking ask yourself at least several simple questions.

1. What moved me to undertake a cigarette?
2. Why my hand reaches for a cigarette?
3. Why occurs so that sometimes I forget about tobacco?
4. What I am ready to go to refuse smoking?
5. The main reason that I decided to leave off smoking?

There are many such questions, but even this necessary minimum will help you, in - the first, it is better to understand itself; and, in - the second, independently to find answers to many questions about which you now do not even know.

Each of you unique personality not similar to anybody. And circumstances of your life are also special and unique. As it is possible to row all all alike?

Observing as a heap of the people continue to step on the same rake from year to year, I cannot remain indifferent. Especially as advantages which you will gain when you leave off smoking will surpass all your expectations.

In this article I wanted to give free of charge to you what you will find also for money not everywhere. Because I really want to help you and that it served as the strong base to start the our strong confidential relations.

Very much I hope that I managed to relieve you of a mental jam and to channelize you right search. Or better still, to show where you precisely should not go.

I wish you success and the fastest disposal of tobacco dependence!

Source: “How to leave off smoking“, 15 Trouble-free Ways Leave off smoking, Which You Will Be Able to Apply Already Today!“