Rus Articles Journal

When to work on itself? In rush hour!

Morning. Crowded car of the subway. A tic - winking at the man. The woman is densely pressed to the man. She has no place to get to.

Be not confused, the darling. Just you very much are pleasant to me. I wink only at friends. You want to be my friend? Is not present? And why? Perhaps I am very useful person. Well, you know, with communications and so on. You already have everything? Is that so! Are you kidding. Why to cease? Indecently? Yes throw! All of them just envy you. Here remember when also who the last time winked at you. And - and - and, here you see!

You somehow were pleasant at once to me. You have such spiritual features. You already understood that it were pleasant to me and I can calm down? That you! I do it only for you and just now. Appreciate! Well “man“? Yes, I am a man. Yes, you correctly noticed it. But what! No, it is not sexually anxious. Just you are an unusual woman! And nobody notices it. Here you see, and now all will know about it.

Why will be enough? It is not necessary to false modesty, expensive! Bear the singularity it is proud. You do not want? To you and it is so good? Not - et, here you strongly are mistaken. You do not love familiarity? That you! I am simply struck by you! (in a whisper) you Trust? Perhaps I all life dreamed to meet you... (with a pronunciation) your fluids... About - about! Husband? What husband? No, you joke! What can be the husband if near you there are I?!

Also it is not necessary to try to get to my pocket. There is nothing interesting, assure you. I store the passport in other place. Ah, it not that... You just wanted to become more convenient. Why, expensive? To us it is so good! Also it is not necessary to finger a button on my coat. I understand that it am pleasant to you too. But not here, not here. Suffer to a stop. What you so are confused? I misunderstood you? You do not like a smell of my cologne? For the sake of you I am ready to change even the habits.

You do not need such victims? Oh, it is such kickshaw! What - a disgrace? It is called absolutely in a different way, can not doubt. You will complain? With Zache - I eat? To whom is at? I just am burned with passion! I agree to all your conditions, expensive. You are my Izolda, Juliette... Do not look down, I ask you. Perhaps, you any more never in life will meet such hot feeling. Well “nightmare, nightmare“? At all not. Do not force to suspect you of frigidity. To you all the same what I think of you? Then why you so falteringly breathe? I see that you are excited.

Just hot? No, I do not trust you. You - and such banality. No, no! It is not necessary to hesitate of the feelings! Admit, too it is pleasant to you. It is not necessary to pass to intimate whisper, expensive, only not here. Let all know how we love each other. It is not necessary to hiss too. It to you does not go, my Dulcinea. To stop? That you! I am just overflowed by emotions, I cannot be silent.

What illness? That you! It - just a passion! You consider love as an illness? In some measure and, you are right, expensive... (pensively) But it is such pleasant illness, agree. Well means you “are silent“? I am ready to shout of the feeling to you. You want, I will cry right now? Is not present? Well, the darling, everything that you will tell. Still this morning I did not know that I will be so happy near you.

What a pity - a stop. Where you, my love? Return!