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The clever house, you speak? Let`s understand...

Technical innovations grow now as mushrooms after a rain. Robotics inevitably seizes the world. It is more and more her adherents. It is so convenient - to shift part of duties to the car! Conveniences have the power serious: take control at the moment and for a long time. Besides, inescapable laziness human (but it, as we know, and reason of many opening!) .

How we, the person, will feel in this future peculiar grandiose computer? Whether it will be cozy to us in the environment of the relations pragmatic very much? Let`s try to look at a situation in comically - a philosophical key. The humour is an invariable stick - a lifesaver. It - always nearby is also ready to come to the rescue of us. Especially in questions where already little depends on us and the terms are dictated by relentless circumstances. That case when cynicism of the phrase “Relax and derive pleasure“ has the real soil. Let`s take for an example desired smart - home - the clever house. Monologue.

Graduation of clever houses? Yes please!

1. Clever house.

2. Very clever house.

3. The abstruse house (which nobody can understand).

4. The house - the dictator (you come into the house and you do not that itself you want and that He wants).

You leave such house and you think: “And I once liked tourists. And even. . ascetics!“

, Why such extremes? No, I respect ancient. From school. But not so! And suddenly the one who will incidentally see me in such place, in such look... with them simply he is not familiar? Or in general - the opponent to the dreena - the Greek philosophy? You represent?!

And, speak, barrels quickly crack. And nasty creak at night... And I have an ear for music. You will not get to anywhere, it is necessary to consider. To sleep there in earphones? I, generally, on one side got used...

And suddenly will not approach on diameter? And it is already the special order, with all that it implies...

And then, earphones are an obvious attribute of a civilization. And the integral nature, as we know, has to be consecutive in everything. And as!

So what am I telling? Yes, house. Or rather, not - the house. Not absolutely house. But that it was possible to live. Well, though somehow, you understand? To live in something like that where you feel, let in relative, but - in safety.

Let - illusion, let, but. . habit. Since the childhood: comfort, conveniences...

And all this is good while you choose, what is better. And if this “convenience“ begins to stand up for the rights and to dictate... No, I not against a civilization and progress! That you! But who will agree that the refrigerator operated it? An entrance door (bed) - the robot? And if there is a lot of them? And if they it is cleverer than you? Even if you are the finished perfectionist and the most loyal person on light.

If they do not know doubts and a remorse? Never! You represent? And the program in them was put, let us assume, by the former poor student and at heart the - the potboiler who should just receive the percent? And it is not important in what way... You feel? They with this robot something are similar. Is not present? And as it is known, most of the former poor students become chiefs. And in general - managers. Noticed? They like to order. Chronically. And that it is more servile vassals. But I distracted.

Science fiction - it is good, clever, interesting. But agree, in a convenient chair, in soft slippers, at comfortably crackling fireplace (but not near its holographic image with the most perfect stereo - the simulator) it is perceived somehow better, than in a low-quality sleeping bag on hummocks under the open sky when it is raining with the snow.

You tell extremes? Yes, probably, you are right. The advantage of grotesque is obvious: it is some kind of powerful searchlight for details. And then who (point a finger) will find forces to stop when there is an opportunity to receive even more and better? Here in what a question! Against the nature you will not go. As aspire to “gold“ and very wise middle.