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What the partnership begins with? The contract on cooperation of

the Qualitative business agreement or the transaction is an art which can learn. The similar contract on cooperation between business - partners is intended for mutual benefit and is carried out by certain rules.

The technique of carrying out the business agreement given below perfectly proved in practice - both at the level of the relations in the company, and in the environment of clients. It consists of three stages.

The first stage of the transaction is acquaintance to the potential partner (client). Ability to show to itself and the company to the best advantage - already 50% of success. How to make it? It is necessary to be presented personally (an incomplete form, without middle name), having read your status in firm and a circle of fundamental obligations. Then it is necessary to call firm, having mentioned some of its most significant achievements in the market and to exchange business cards. Rules allow an exchange of business cards both at the beginning, and at the end of negotiations. Such exchange bears not only information coloring, but also serves as confirmation (or advance payment) further cooperation.

The second stage of negotiations includes a mutual correcting of highlights of discussion by means of leading questions. For example, it is possible to take an interest at the possible partner (client) in a main objective of his arrival on the presentation. And already proceeding from it to discuss with it the most productive plan of conversation.

Do not forget also that the second, “business card“ your invariable politeness has to serve invisible in conversation, on the one hand, and with another - perfectly worked plan of negotiations. It is necessary to pay special attention that your position at this stage of the transaction has to be not waiting, but active: the initiative has to proceed from you.

If it is possible to call two previous stages of negotiations preparatory, then the third stage of the transaction, or the main, allows to define the valid needs of future partner . Here it will be pertinent to use very popular in the professional environment and permanently effective equipment of Neil Rekhema of “BACKS“. It includes several moments:

1. It is necessary to define an objective situation in which there is at the moment a firm of your potential partner (client), her main responsible person - a certain prototype of the secret and almighty cardinal Richelieu at the French yard - and technical base.

2. It is necessary to reveal problem points in work of the partner company or the veiled needs of the opposite side. For this purpose, for example, it is possible to take an interest in details of some controversial decisions. Search of the answer to your question will push future partner to the correct conclusion helping to solve a problem situation. As a rule, trade operations at this stage are ineffective as for them it is necessary to find out the valid needs of the opposite side.

3. After clarification of the veiled needs of the company of the possible partner (client) it is necessary to define what the considered dilemma led to. In other words, it is necessary to find out actually result (implicit) of mistakenly made decision in the company of the possible partner. Let`s consider how it looks in practice.

When checking work of new turnstiles at an entrance to office suddenly it becomes clear that they have a low capacity that creates certain inconveniences. It causes discontent the potential buyer of this adaptation; it is available - a dilemma (implicit) which needs to be solved. Who will begin to buy the goods causing problems?

At this stage it is necessary to be able to raise correctly the question which is clearing up a situation and removing to the solution of the shown dilemma. Let`s put, such leading question: to what consequences the arisen situation will lead? The answer arises such: working hours of office will be shortened (the beginning of the working day moves); the microclimate in collective will worsen (a crowd at turnstiles) that will lead, respectively, to decline in production of work in collective; and the last, in turn, will inevitably lead to decrease in the income at all levels of a scale of ranks in the company, up to her head.

4. After the leading questions opening a common problem of the company it is necessary to pass to specification of the separate moments of a dilemma that will allow is more convex to present an exit from the created situation. For example, in a case with turnstiles it will be pertinent to show importance of a problem (from - for far-reaching consequences). What exactly will this achieve? Having understood that the income of firm will suffer, finally, those turnstiles which will allow to increase the income of the company due to improvement of capacity of the equipment at an entrance to office will be chosen.

Thus, thanks to during the business agreement between business - partners of the directing and specifying questions, it is possible to learn true needs of the potential partner. Only after that it is possible to pass to sales of services or goods.

Finally let`s designate briefly the stages of a technique of conducting business negotiations passed by :

- identification of the existing dilemma of the company and its consequences;

- clarification of prospects of the solution of this dilemma;

- presentation of the goods or services;

- a so-called overdrive - capture by the client (partner) on obligations under the adopted agreement with the indication of clear temporary boundary of their performance (for example, legal registration of the adopted agreement).

The last point is a main goal of any business - agreements and serves as an indicator of successfully held negotiations.

Let does not concern you that the similar scheme of the conclusion of business agreements reminds training of agents of intelligence service more: it is actively used at the conclusion of commercial transactions by the advanced managers of all developed countries of the world. Progress in business!