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How to reconcile with itself? I and fear of

C it am time to meet, talk. Eventually - how many it is possible to run! And you will not escape from it. That is from.

In principle, it it is easy to see at any time. But it is possible to talk only in a quiet situation. Best of all where most it is pleasant. He loves when to me it is good? It is strange. Why then to me from it it is bad? Ouch, all right, there we will understand!

Veronika wandered in the thoughts. Now it was faced by a task to choose the comfortable place.

Where most of all it is pleasant to me? And, remembered, the most pleasant feelings on the river bank. When the sun shone in the summer, I was heated at water and felt such clemency. Everything, we meet there.

The girl pushed a door with a shoulder. Hardly - hardly. From a light touch a door it is pliable opened. It is necessary, - the thought flashed, - last time it was very much hollowed, and all for nothing. Perhaps day today such?

Remarkable, beautiful coast! And why I so seldom here came? Everything, now every time when it is bad, I will come here! But today - on business.

- You here?
Foolish question. Of course, it here. It always nearby, even when is not necessary.
- Here, - followed the answer.
- What is your name? Let`s get acquainted...

Even it was terrible to look at it. But today she decided to finish it. Looked directly, in depth of. Indistinct image. Strange feeling. But, apparently, the fear already did not hold down it at all.

- Think up a name.
- Ivan. My first boyfriend was Ivan, - the first thought came to mind. For some reason there was also a wish to call it.
- is good, let there will be Ivan, - his answer outstripped a question.

- You are angry, or kind?
- I - yours. What you will make me, it and I will be.
- I was tired to be afraid of you.
- Then be not afraid.

- I want to make friends with you.
- Then make friends.

The easy breeze caressed the person. The sun comfortably heated. Veronika relaxed and felt how to her it is good. Even, in the presence of this Ivan.

- What you want from me? - she asked.
- I care for you. I want that you did not get to trouble.
- But you always disturb me! - the girl screamed.
is your perception. I fulfill the duty. I always nearby. I it you.

She already and itself understood that from it you will not get to anywhere. It was not just the meeting. It was a consent to its presence. Only she could reach compromise. Until now the girl was sure of its superiority over herself. She was tired to submit to it. Therefore it was necessary to become stronger than Ivan. The trifle remained - to find a way of coexistence.

- Listen, - Veronika offered, - if you want to help me, you can make a compromise?
- I Can.
- Allow me to take care of yourself. I believe that you wish well to me. I agree to your presence. Also she is grateful for care. But if I can itself - you do not disturb. And if did not cope, come. He agrees?
- Agrees. But remember the main thing: feelings cannot be deceived. Otherwise you will never be able to agree with them.

The sun played rays on a quiet smooth surface of water. The easy breeze blew hair. All this grace of the nature filled soul of the girl. She suddenly felt in herself clarity and a pacification. As it is pleasant - to reconcile with by itself!

Ivan watched fear it from far away. And it seemed to it, he smiled