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How to earn money being without working anywhere? Today I will tell

to you how to earn quite good money with the honest work if you have no education, or just there is no desire to get a job. This way is rather simple and does not demand big restriction on time, and also it can be combined with your main work. It will be a question of so-called sticking-up of announcements in your city. This work does not require any special knowledge and skills. Everything that it is required to place from you announcements of your service in newspapers of your city or on the websites in which you also will be found by your potential customers. At good approach money can be earned rather big. Text of announcements idle time. Write that you will stick advertizing on the city quickly, qualitatively and in short terms without delays. It is also possible to look at announcements in newspapers where billposters of announcements are already required for people. The sum specify from 1,5 to 2 rubles for one pasted leaflet. It is not a lot of as can seem to you at first sight, and surely there will be those who will be ready to pay such price. Advertizing now expensive pleasure. Who usually orders sticking-up of announcements? The first are agencies of real estate. In any city of data of agencies very large number. It is possible to learn addresses of these agenst, to write down them, to find time and to go to offer the service directly in office of agency. Just look for an office - you are knocked, and you say: “Hello, to you billposters of announcements are required?“ Do not agree to too small price as you all - equally should go and shortly you will understand that to be afraid to take much for such work is not necessary. Be more persistent. If they do not agree to your price - do not stand on ceremony, and safely you leave. Believe - you will have orders. If you have no money at all and any savings are necessary though, you can agree also to their conditions. The second are law firms, business owners, etc. You can also watch announcements in the city which are pasted at stops, columns, special curbstones, to call by telephones specified in them and to ask whether billposters of announcements are required for them. Besides all this is in the cities there are special BTL - the agencies which are engaged in advertizing. It is possible to learn their addresses and to offer the services and even to get to them such job. You will work and get lawful profit. It is simple because that you go slowly on the city and you glue advertizing. Glue announcements on special bulletin boards near entrances that is lawful. Besides announcements it is also possible to stick also posters, the price for which is much higher. I received up to ten rubles for the poster of the A1 format. To earn even more, it is possible to take orders from several companies at once and to glue at the same time. Glue let too is bought by customers as it not in your interests. Someone suggests to issue the contract, but I worked without contracts and nobody deceived me. Council: Perform work qualitatively, do not bungle! Then will address you not once yet. Here perhaps and all dear readers that you had to know. Successful to you earnings!