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Who in the house main? Let`s glance to the truth in eyes of

People since ancient times got used to live in a certain hierarchy. And now it can be observed practically in all spheres of activity. Work, service, a family …

the Worker - the director, the private - the commander, the governor - the president, the young man - the old man, the son - the father etc. If such communications collapse, then, probably, there will come the full disorder in society and in activity.

Of course, in the modern world in this sphere there are many various variations and on this soil there are deviations, but an essence, as a rule, stable. Only the family in this plan stood apart a little. The husband - the wife? Or the wife - the husband?

In Russia newlyweds at a wedding bite a loaf to learn who will be an owner in a family. Of course, it is more entertainment, tribute to traditions, but nevertheless. To amuse vanity it is alien to nobody.

Earlier and to think was a sin that the wife will get a false idea herself main. In some Muslim countries, however, still quite so, but we will not begin to look there. Let`s better glance to the truth in eyes.

From time immemorial the man is associated as the leader, the leader, the head, etc. Of course, it is pleasant to realize such status. I think that in some spheres it, undoubtedly, such is. But a family (I will repeat) - it is the structure isolated.

The man - the getter. Yes, often so. But whether does it it by the main thing? Besides now many women too not bad “get“. Even if the wife stays at home or earns much less whether it to tell an occasion about her low rank?

Present that the family is a huge ship (or a modest katerok, all the same). Whether it will go to swimming if only to fill in fuels? No! That the ship moved a little, it is necessary to make many operations.

The man - the stronger sex, the man - the defender. Physically - yes. And spiritually - not the fact. And whether silly to represent domination with physical force? We are not wild animals (it seems).

The family is not just the union of the man and woman. It also the atmosphere in this union, is its fullness (not only material, and first of all spiritual). Children, a cosiness in the house, an order … On whose it usually shoulders? Who cooks food, who washes clothes, who is tidied up in the house, who looks for children?. Generally wife. Whether it is worth speaking about its low rank?

Often the husband comes back home after work and to a descent occupies a sofa and the TV (he was tired, earned money). And the wife “for some reason is not tired“! As you twist, and it pretty often. I do not know any woman who comes home after work - and at once to a sofa. In exceptional cases only (was unwell, is valid was strongly tired, etc.) .

Perhaps the husband therefore feels as the owner (barin) in a family that the wife as if serves him. So it was moved, so it developed for a long time. But in fact - that the wife main, and the husband depends on her. There is such paradox.

Therefore it is very important to appreciate and respect the wife. It is not necessary to make silly rows from - for neglazhenny trousers or the put too much salt soup. This is the wife is able to afford to show discontent for the scattered socks crumpled on a thing chair, dirty traces on a floor etc. Because generally it cleans it, it irons, she washes!

Love the wives!