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What is necessary for the man? Model of relationship

We, women, often reflect what behavior model to choose in the relations with the man. We ask questions of achievement of harmony both in ourselves, and in interaction with the partner. The man is not always ready to understand that is wanted from him by the woman, and is perplexed what becomes the reason of discontent and disharmony in soul of the darling.

What is necessary for the man? What model of female behavior will allow it to feel tranquility, confidence in own forces and to keep desire to be near the companion?

One of possible options is the “ Man and Cat “ model.

So, let`s consider how the relations between the Man (owner) and the Cat (pet) are under construction. What feelings the Man to the Cat can have?

In - the first, it is responsibility. The man realizes importance of emergence him in life of the Cat, understands that he in the answer for it as the Cat in this world, except it has nobody, and, certainly, realizes that in the answer for daily completeness of a stomach of the Cat and purity of its toilet. And the Cat will always accept what the Man gives her, will not demand more, than it for him is possible. She will eat that forage which it buys by it and will accept that diet which will be defined for it by the Man owing to the employment.

Yes, she can defiantly refuse the forage which was not pleasant to it, having allowed food to dry up in a plate. But to what it will lead? To the fact that the Cat for all day or night will remain hungry until the Man updates a plate.

The cat submissively accepts that can give it the Man and not that she demands .

In - the second, this feeling of Attachment or even Lyubov. The man comes from work and knows that the Cat will come to a sound of the turning key in a hall, will sit down and sleepy eyes will observe how he undresses. She will wait until it takes it on hands and will caress, or itself initiatively will begin to make up to it.

The man knows that every day, filling up, he feels at himself on a breast murlykashchy soft weight. And awakening begins with careful steps of the Cat on his legs.

The man knows that at the moments when it is very sad and sad when just there is a wish to sit down on a sofa in front of the TV, to switch off all phones and to enjoy silence, the Cat quietly will curl up a ball on a sofa nearby, sharing grief.

The cat does not state discontent about a lack of attention, does not reproach for lack of flowers, does not take offense at the fact that the Man does not remember date when she for the first time crossed a threshold of his house. And if she wants caress, love and attention, she will approach, will bury to the Man in hands, itself will sit down on knees and will receive all this much.

In - the third, this feeling of Irritation or Anger when the Cat continues to sharpen persistently claws about a new sofa or before loss of pulse tries to dig the toilet, or once again climbs on a dining table where caviar sandwich lies, or desperately asks a cat. The man can shout, throw into rage a slipper, take by the scruff and throw, expose on a balcony or pour water. Such is reaction of the Man to violation of bans which he initially defined for the Cat.

And what occurs after that? The cat comes to it to a breast before going to bed again, lays down on knees when he watches TV, and utykatsya in a hand by a wet nose, asking the next portion of love and caress. And the Man strong - strong embraces her, understanding as his love to this fluffy lump is strong and boundless.

The cat does not take offense, does not pout, does not turn defiantly to a wall when the Man wants to stroke it. And it is fair - itself was guilty, itself received. But the Cat does not realize this justice as she, unfortunately, lives according to laws of the Instincts, but not Reason...

Why we, women, such wise, reasonable and skilled, cannot give to the man at least what gives an animal who is operated only by instincts? Why we, precisely knowing about what can anger, offend, touch our darling, we allow it to occur? Why we at first will commit follies, we will provoke quarrel, and then still we go offended and we wait for apologies when it is necessary just to sit down nearby and to bury in his shoulder?

Yes, besides Reason, we have still Emotions which allow the conflicts to be inflated to the big sizes.

But let`s try not to assume that the Man once told us that it is better, than the Cat, nobody understands him and loves...