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Crete: how to have a rest independently?

Till summer already no distance... The peak of holidays and the best time to luxuriate under the sun and to swim for a while in the sea! A year ago I also decided to do all this. My choice fell on rest in Greece, the island of Crete.

Why rest on the island of Crete? Yes just I still there was not, and having entered in the searcher “rest in Crete responses of tourists“, found the most enthusiastic responses. So eventually all also appeared. I organized a trip to Crete independently therefore I hope, my experience to be useful and to you.

The first what I began with, is the choice of hotel. At the same time I was guided by two main criteria: remoteness from the airport and the price. Having reconsidered on the checked portal on hotel booking resorts nearby of Heraklion (the capital of Crete where there is an airport) long ago, I stopped on 4 - stars hotel Aquis Arina Sand.

It is only 8 km from the airport, and, respectively, the taxi is rather inexpensive. The price, in comparison with other hotels of the same level was accepted: 120 euros a day for a double room, by itself, full board - i.e. three single food + binge are included.

Process of booking did not make big work. Has to warn that it is desirable to reserve for summer months in advance since a month before desirable date of places can not be.

Now flight to Crete. I did not find direct regular flights neither from Moscow, nor from Kiev. In total with change in Athens. And the price of an order is $700-800. Therefore looked among charter flights and Kiev - Heraklion for $360 found direct flight. On what stopped.

Further, certainly, visa. Holding a reservation from hotel and on air tickets, just visited the website of the Greek Embassy, looked that they demand, collected necessary documents, added an insurance for 10 days and went to consulate. The independent receipt of a visa is not something similar to The Labours of Hercules (if was going to Greece), everything is rather simple.

And though I did not like the attitude of staff of the Greek Embassy towards applicants at all, I received the visa without problems in rather short time. But it was not pleasant that is why: they, in my opinion, look at each visitor as on the potential illegal immigrant who only and dreams, as if there to remain and earn additionally on their olive plantations.

But nevertheless all necessary documents for rest on the island of Crete were at me on hands and in several weeks we with the wife safely landed at the airport of Heraklion. Flight and week of accommodation cost us for two about $1800.

Several councils for stay on the island. I strongly recommend to hire the car and to travel over the most interesting places of Crete. The island rather small, and it is absolutely real. And so, do not hire the car in hotel where you stopped. Will be more expensive. For example, in hotel offered us hire of the car for 70 euros a day. But literally in one hundred meters from hotel in one of rolling offices I took Hyunday with an automatic transmission (by itself, and with the conditioner) for three days of everything for 110 euros.

Where to go? See the cities of Ayos of Nikolaos and Hanya - amazing ancient constructions, tremendous local color and traditional hospitality of inhabitants of Crete.

Do not forget to glance in a charming small village of Fedele near Heraklion, known for the fact that here the famous artist Domenico Teotocapuli - better known under the name of El Greco was born.

Well and of course the well-known center of Minoan culture - the palace of the tsar Minos (on a legend, the terrible Minotaur lived in caves of this palace). By the way, in Crete, on a legend, also Zeus was born.

What is interesting, the tsar Minos was so fair as the judge that the copy of his throne costs in the building of the International Court of Justice in the Hague today.

And still. Do not regret 160 euros for one-day cruise for Santorini`s islands. You more will not see it anywhere. Islands, just fantastic on beauty! Four hours the cruise liner there, day there and hours at 10 in the evening you already again in Crete.

Here absolutely in brief about rest in Crete. I hope, you will not be disappointed with the travel on this remarkable island.