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The gun PB - 4th “WASP“. Whether this traumatic weapon is humane?

“the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia decided to reweapon police officers the humane weapon. Department will spend 45 million rubles for purchase of nearly 4 thousand traumatic guns PB - 4 joint ventures better known as “Wasp“. First of all the traumatic gun instead of organic “makarovy“ will be received by district police officers, employees of PPS and transport police“. 28. 03. 2012. A source of info

PB - 4th “WASP“. “PB“ - the gun besstvolny, “4“ - 4 boss in a trunk. The one who at least once saw this “gun“ without trunk never will mix with anything it. Such box with the handle of which four “trunks“, almost hollow cartridges of caliber of 18ő45 mm stick out.

A complex the gun - the boss was developed in 1999 and became the first traumatic weapon in the Russian market. Still the developer, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research Institute Prikladnoy Himii (NIIPH), controls over 50% of the Russian market of the traumatic weapon and ammunition. The weapon was repeatedly upgraded for elimination of the shortcomings found in use. Today the PB complex - 4th “WASP“ (the boss + the gun) not only the effective traumatic weapon, and the whole multipurpose system intended for self-defense, giving of signals and lighting of the district.

The gun is made of a strong aluminum alloy (for weight reduction), ignition of a cap is carried out by an electric heating element. Unusually, truth. But in the gun there are no moving parts, except a trigger. There are no safety locks, descent is so heavy that the gun will not shoot.

A unit of fire is placed in the special cartridge with four nests. For extraction of shot sleeves the weapon it is necessary “to break“, take out shot sleeves and to load new cartridges. The guns executed according to such scheme received the name “derrindzher“ - by name the designer of the first sample of the similar weapon Henry Derindzher. Thanks to such design the weapon is always ready to application, it turned out easy and compact that provides convenience of the long hidden carrying.

Other advantage of the gun - a derinzher is based on a psychological factor: demonstration of the gun of which four large-caliber trunks stick out usually makes sober even those who do not give in to verbal influence any more.

Though production of a shot requires electricity, the battery in “WASP“ is used only for food of a laser tseleukazatel. The heater attached to the INSTANT (compact magnitno - to the pulse generator), to such “eternal“ source of electric current burns a cap. The impulse of electric current arises at the time of the movement of a trigger. The generator reliably works in the range of temperatures from - 20 to +45 degrees Celsius. I.e. in a hard frost the generator can “refuse“ and the shot will not occur.

The ordinary traumatic boss 18x45T is equipped heavy (about 12 g) bullet, from rubber with the internal metal core, at an initial speed about 120 m/s has dulny energy over 80 J. Popadaya in the opponent, such bullet strikes it the powerful blow causing painful shock which influence is often compared to blow of the boxer - the professional. To minimize risk of a severe injury or murder, the Russian law “About the Weapon“ it is forbidden to conduct aim firing in the head and the opponent`s neck, and also to use the gun at a distance less than 1 m. Though who will implement these recommendations if he secures …

Cartridges of 18ő45 mm happen not only traumatic influence, but also svetoshumovy (paralyzing), alarm and lighting.

However developers and on it did not stop and let out “a long WASP“ - PB - 4 - 2 (the second generation). Just for modernization of law enforcement agencies. Externally the PB - 4 - 2 differs from PB - 4 - 1 only in the extended cartridge block. Difference between “civil“ PB - 4 - 1 and “police“ PB - 4 - 2, small, only in length of the sleeve of the boss increased from 45 to 70 mm. These 25 mm the site increased range of a shot from this weapon almost by 5 times (according to developers to 50 m!) . Plus, the special extended cartridges (18x70 mm) are equipped with heavier bullets weighing 12,5 g, with dulny energy more than 100 J. The new family of ammunition of 18x70 mm includes (paralyzing), alarm and lighting cartridges which are also extended svetoshumovy.

Apparently from everything described above, PB - 4th “WASP“ - not too humane weapon. Especially “police option“ which will reweapon the Russian police officers. Of course, if to compare to a government-issue gun of Makarov, then, probably and. And if to compare to foreign police travmatika of the FN 303 type, energy of a bullet at which is limited 30 - yu, then 90 joules of the traumatic boss 18x45T used in the gun “WASP“, all - are 3 times more powerful … Plus the bullet of FN 303 breaks at blow, and “aspen“ a rubber bullet with the iron core and to kill the person does not represent work any more.

And still … As far as I know, the WASP complex has no analogs in world weapon practice on ease, compactness, multifunctionality and power of traumatic influence. Reliability of the weapon what there was told by sceptics, too at quite high level. It is no wonder that the Russian producers let out already several two-charging “clones“ of this unique weapon.