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Whether Venus has secrets?

First and the most important issue for all live are to survive, that is to interfere with destruction from the outside and to maintain internal harmony of collaboration of all the bodies which, unfortunately, have property to grow old.

The person - a nature component and therefore the person and the nature should be considered in the uniform field when the person as any living being on Earth, has to grow old sooner or later. Then the organism gradually dies. But even in the growing old organism interest in life sometimes wakes up.

We will pay the attention to the planet which, on my belief, and is a culprit of this awakening. It is Venus - the Morning and Evening star, the next to us the planet which mass makes 80% of the mass of Earth. Less than the radius of Earth honor its radius on three hundred kilometers, and duration of year makes two hundred twenty four days.

Myths about Venus transfer the duality of its nature represented by two deities - Fosforos and Gesperos. Phosphodews serves as the embodiment of morning visibility of the planet when Venus is visible before sunrise, and symbolizes tenderness of love feelings, patronizes all lovers, accompanying them in marriage rooms. Gesperos is an evening star which represents silent, passionless love.

However Venus (in Ancient Greek mythology Aphrodite) has not only two shapes, but also two parties of the manifestation in each person. One, “penorozhdenny“, personifies purity of heavenly love. Another - Pandey - symbolizes sensual inclinations. The day house of Venus - Scales, night - the Taurus. It should be noted, the fact of representation of many astrologers that Venus one of daughters of Jupiter (Zeus), in principle it is incorrect and in further researches can lead to inexact calculations.

Venus is the most famous and mysterious goddess of the Roman pantheon, the mistress of many gods, titans and mortal. Being the goddess of “average“ generation, in the system unit of divine hierarchy, Venus is the most influential deity which, remaining in the shadow, can direct the whole world.

Being one of poles of natural magnetism, Venus has the most powerful potential of the Zodiac - the constellation of the Taurus giving strength for performance of any work. And as it was already told, Venus directs one more stream, internal or ascending when there is a projection of “the vital beginning“ or that Divine plan which is called life.

According to representations of astrologers, Venus directs two power streams, sending the most powerful force of the Taurus to Earth, at the same time taking away and attracting to itself energy at the same time not smaller on the force and power which, turning out everything from within outside, directs back in the opposite direction. It is secret of Venus which, like sea inflow and outflow, forces to work planet “heart“ Earth. It gives and takes away energy.

In descriptions of classics it is call of the woman who yearned on male caress: “Go to me!“

I cannot oppose to this call any living being because the reason refuses to submit when Venus pining in the highest point of the unearthly indescribable passion calls: “Go to me“...

They say that the person whose heart Venus seized can from - for love passions to lose reason when the nature installs in it the trembling and passionate, paralyzing mind inclination to something new and mysterious, bending before unknown secret. When there is a festival of soul when air, apparently, is given to drink by breath of flowers and the singing of birdies bewitching soul, it streams around, filling lungs with joyful vital energy.

Everything is decked around by an iridescent palette which color scale promotes perception of the refined and spiritualized improbable power of love and luxury. And in all this sublime sincere spirit the calling and attracting passionate appeal is heard: “Go to me!“ Call which cannot oppose.

Venus takes away everything, turning out soul and exhausting all forces. It gives the chance that you came, it gives for this purpose strength which then and takes away back. We can observe this natural phenomenon in April and May when all live wakes up, kidneys reveal, green sprouts of plants and by one of options of national folklore make the way from the soil: “The chip climbs on a chip“ … Spontaneously the person is inseparable

by nature, it is the whole Universe and it must be assumed that at each person there is the Venus which operates the energiya and mechanisms of instinctive and reflex activity of nervous system causing such strong melancholy which sometimes cannot be taken out. Also and to the person losing reason in embraces of Venus, the person in love something is useless to speak because he perceives nothing. The love is the madness provoked by the nature.

Functions of Venus are that: it excites and strengthens feeling of completeness of life. The expert on the love relations Erich Fromm in the works suggests to carry the word “love“ only for a special type of human relations. Which, in his opinion, have ideal value in all great humanistic religions and philosophical systems created within four millennia of history of the West and the East.