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What lessons “Harry Potter“ can teach?

the Magic world of Harry Potter became for generation of the Network a peculiar School of Life. Perhaps, some lessons will seem banal and obvious, but it is necessary to consider that not adults, but children and teenagers from 7 to 18 were pupils - that.

Lesson 1. Friendship. the Friendship is not given to

just like that - it should be deserved, whether it be fight with the troll in case of Ron and Harry or violation of all school rules by Hermione Granger for whom rules were a shrine, but help to friends was given more important than estimates or reputation. But also on it “building“ of friendship does not come to an end - it is work, day by day, from year to year. This ability to reach compromise and to hear other person.

True friends are those who remain nearby, even when the whole world is incited against you. So, in the second part of a potteriana all school considered Harry as the successor of Slytherin who kills wizards of maglovsky blood. And it, frankly speaking, gave reasons to think so. But friends all the same remained with it a row and supported though it meant to them to offer the reputation and comfort.

And at last, friends are those which are ready to risk life, to throw everything that have even if from them it is not required to help to make a great cause. In the seventh part Ron Weasley, being a thoroughbred wizard, could come back quietly to school and live to itself in clover, but nevertheless he decided to help friends to free the world from the Flounce - - Mort.

Lesson 2. Love.

the True love does not shout of itself publicly. These are not boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers. It not means, but purpose. Not always the pleasure and happiness, but is worth it to live and die. It pushes the person on a feat and clears. The true love can be silent, it in heart, but not on lips. Severus Sneyp - one of the most mysterious characters of “Harry Potter“ whose secret is revealed only right at the end. But it is secret - about the only love for the rest of life, became the real Revelation and, probably, the most valuable lesson.

Lesson 3. Glory. Popularity is changeable

. Today it is, and nearby many people, admirers and adorers who will make everything if only to concern to the Star. Tomorrow somebody will overthrow the king and the queen, and there will be no nothing left and nobody around if all antecedents were subordinated only to glory. So it happened to Lockhart, professor Zashchity from Dark Arts in the second book. “It is impossible to appropriate others merits. It is impossible to live only for the sake of glory. It is empty life“ , - appeared between lines.

Lesson 4. Mistakes.

to the Person can be mistaken. It in its nature - nothing can be done. But there is always a choice, even when consequences of a mistake are catastrophic. Severus Sneyp, without knowing that, betrayed the woman whom he loved, extinguished the only ray of light in the world of darkness and a gloom. She died. Snape could support the Dark Lord and be forgotten. But he chose a difficult way: from year to year crossing through itself, it disinterestedly protected the boy who to horror reminded his school torturer. And all this for the sake of forgiveness which eventually all - received.

Other example: The tail which remorselessly gave the best friends and predicted on them death constantly made the same mistake - hid behind backs strong for the sake of rescue of own skin, but punishment all - overtook it. Insignificant shameful death.

Lesson 5. Ambiguous.

“All that glitters is not gold“ and before understanding, gold or not whether it is worth taking or leaving, it is necessary to get to the bottom of an essence, to look deep into and to analyse all details. Especially if it concerns the relations and people. Albus Dumbledore was not such ideal as it seemed right at the beginning, and Loong Lavgud and Nevill Longbottom, derelicts whom nobody ever perceived seriously became real heroes. “Always look for what is hidden. And then, only then, perhaps, you will not be mistaken“ .

Lesson 6. Forgiveness.

people who cannot forgive Are. There are crimes for which only one punishment - eternal torment in Hell. But Rowling shows that the forgiveness is the most difficult and correct that the person can make.

How it is possible to forgive the one who killed your parents, deprived of the childhood and continues to select favourite people? How it is possible to forgive the one who betrayed those who without deliberating would give for it life, and doomed the friends to death? How it is possible to forgive the one who trained you for death for the sake of life of others, one victim for the sake of general wellbeing?

It is possible. Also it is necessary. The forgiveness brings us internal freedom and clears reason of prejudices. It is capable to change people to the best, to alleviate pain and to save the world. In spite of the fact that the forgiveness demands incredible moral efforts, to forgive is the correct step.

Lesson 7. Death.

the Death is a natural process. But bitter. And the most sick that it comes unexpectedly. When relatives leave, pain absorbs all being, each section of a body, everyone soul fibers. Harry Potter lost favourite people. One behind one they left his life. But he with firmness transferred these misfortunes and that the most important, did not become hardened, did not cease to let in heart of people, and became wiser and more sensitive to others.

How to accept death? How not to be forgotten? How to live further?. Not each child knows answers to these questions. But together with Harry we understood that it is worth living further, sooner or later those who are dear, will be near. Though they always nearby. In heart and in memory.

Moreover, Joan showed that there are things for the sake of which it is worth dying. For example, Lily and James Potter who without thoughts offered themselves for the sake of the child. Or the pupils of Hogwarts who remained to be at war against skillful adult wizards for the remains of the world which almost wallowed in darkness. The same Harry Potter who meets the death in order that his friends did not perish …

the Lesson 8 any more. Life.

Life happens black or white. Happens striped. Happens sweet, and can taste bitter in language. Life is unpredictable, dangerous and not always such as we would like it. The person is not free - he only a pawn on a chessboard. But unlike a pawn, it has a will, there are a choice and chance to escape and get eternity. To accept life such what it to eat, love, to try to create good and to rejoice to every moment - with such feelings I closed the seventh book.

For many Harry Potter - the next pop waste paper. For someone heroes are flat. The third consider that all this was written for the sake of profit. Many think that it is just a baby`s dummy on an entertainment to the people which will disappear in several years. At everyone the truth. But for us it is more, than just the tale of the boy`s adventures - orphans. It is the whole life lived in the magic world. Part of heart and piece of soul. For us is the childhood which, alas, not to return. For us is Paradise which, perhaps, ahead. When time ends and the whole world will go out, unless it would not be bad to return to the country of the eternal childhood where dragons and Cerberuses, elves live, maggla and wizards live in peace and friendship, and the good always overcomes the evil?.

Take care, create good and live happily!