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What books about Harry Potter mean to new generation?

are difficult not to agree that books about Harry Potter changed life of the whole generation. However, when the speech comes about their importance for those who were born at the beginning and the middle 90 - x, people look at it bewildered, a sneer and sarcasm. “How this banality can become something sacred?“ - it is read in their persons.

Always there is a hope for a miracle - here it, the person, will understand, or will try to understand. But it does not occur. Therefore I want to try to explain why all - this book is so expensive to us, to generation 90 - x.

1. Light memory of the childhood

If the adult or the teenager begins to read to

“Harry Potter“, he will not understand, than this book could hook on millions of children. Actually, the age is very important for understanding of the book: when in 13 years tried to read 6 - yu part of a potteriana where to heroes was on 16, I could not make it - it was boring and unclear. But several years later it did not make special work.

I remember how I began to read “Harry Potter“ in 9 years. Then Harry`s problems were conformable mine: perhaps, I and not the orphan, but at that moment for me it was crucial to find new friends in school, to locate there and to study well. Certainly, as to any other child, there was a wish also for adventures. In 14 years I for the first time fell in love as well as Harry in the fourth book. In 17 years understood that the beginning of adulthood is already close and I stand at the crossroads where it is important to choose the correct road. Harry, Ron, Hermione and their friends appeared at the intersection of life too, but all - decided to leave Hogwarts and to try to save the world whatever hopeless this invention seemed.

Just - this moment can also explain an agiotage around the latest book and the last film. What was felt by “resident“ of the world of Harry Potter when the latest book was read? The childhood comes to an end. The last movie was a point of this surprising period of life.

2. Aspirin for all occasions

When it was bad

when it seemed that the whole world against you when parents did not understand, friends betrayed, heart was broken, and the Universe scattered on trillions of small pieces - there was always a shelter which remained indestructible and such warm, native. Flight from reality? Perhaps. But after immersion to the world of magic the sun came back to the sky again, and it gave force to move forward. Contrary to everything.

3. The bridge between cultures

“Harry Potter“ united children of all cultures, the people, the countries. We became closer to each other, despite distinction of languages and religions. Each of us, it is unimportant from Russia or England, Portugal or Australia, visited the magic world. Together with Harry and his friends we wandered about Hogwarts, endured bitter losses, rejoiced to victories and struggled with the evil. It is amusing how one writer could make for globalization much more, than thousands of politicians.

4. The first book

Certainly, to “Harry Potter“ also. There were both fairy tales, and the alphabet, and Krylov`s fables. But “Harry Potter“ colourfully showed that books are not just a set of letters and offers. The book is the whole immense world, with the hidden meanings, secret footpaths and wise lessons. “Harry Potter“ made of us the people reading. Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Lev Tolstoy, Franz Kafka and Stanislav Lem - today we not simply read, we travel to other worlds. But interested us and slightly opened a door to the wonderful world of fiction of Joanne Rowling.

5. A ticket in the childhood

Someone says that the childhood leaves irrevocably. Others claim that the childhood can proceed until the end of life, the main thing that the soul lived. But the fact remains - there not to return any more. And from it becomes annoyingly. However, reading Harry Potter, we put pieces of the soul in this book. Therefore it is possible to return to the childhood to us though it and is difficult, it is necessary to forget everything and to begin to read the book as if for the first time, the child`s eyes.

It is the book - not just fascinating story about the boy - the orphan who fights against the angry wizard. “Harry Potter“ became a peculiar School of Life for our generation. And what we learned with it, I will tell in the following article.