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How to overcome constraint at the beginning of the relations?

Exist various types of people. One when fall in love, stop at nothing. They actively touch object of attention, can priobnyat, tickle or somehow differently physically show the arrangement. Also there are others - timid and indecisive, weighing each step. Such people shiver - are afraid even if the relations were already entered (he / she can not like something and to all the end will come!) .

And present that in the developed couple such both? How to be? It is possible to do, of course, nothing and to continue to quail and hesitate. And it will look as unwillingness to show attention and elementary tenderness. Therefore it is necessary, in - the first, at once for itself to define it, to discuss with the partner. All of us are people and a lot of things can be understood, knowing that are actually interested in you. It is possible to argue infinitely long on self-education, re-education, suggestion and to that similar. Of course it is a way to a solution too, however often it reaches a deadlock. It seems convinced himself - just take by hand! - and as there comes the necessary moment, all beliefs disappear somewhere and again hi, the confused look.

The best way in this case - to be engaged in something together. Only the regularity and joint enthusiasm (from violent circulation on knitting courses the sense will be navryadl) is necessary. And here dances will be ideally suited. Of course it is possible to register in any pair style, but proceeding from own experience, I would advise hastl. He does not demand preliminary preparation, is danced to almost any music and it is possible after the second - the third occupation to light up from fast result. Besides, in general, in it it is only necessary to accustom legs to a simple main step, to remember several elements, and it is already possible to stamp safely on a disco, only alternating them at own will.

Now I will explain why dances. What first of all confuses most of all? Touch . On occupations it is necessary to hold hands all the time, to be closely to each other and to interact in every possible way. Will show you not only how to rearrange legs or where to put hands, but also will teach to feel the partner, to hold the necessary tension and to follow the rushes.

First the partner is not able to conduct, does not know what to do with the partner moreover and about the legs it is necessary to remember! And she, in turn, from - for it only guesses the following movements and there are periodic disagreements. Therefore big plus of a hastl that having learned and having understood signals in dance, it will become much easier for you to feel the half and in usual life. I speak in usual because dance it perfect other elements. The love mixed with music yields surprising result.

It is one of the finest feelings when the beloved skillfully turns you in dance. In a flash tenderness, force, care and passion merge in such scale of feelings which it is rare where still you will feel. I address separately men, do not refuse to dance! Even if are sure as if you do not hear music, are nonplastic and so forth. If right at the beginning constraint can be also present, then will be enraptured later with understanding that your darling follows you and looks the burning eyes at such skillful man. If you love, then dance also nothing be afraid.