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Why the man should marry?

Ya I do not know the unambiguous and reliable, reasoned and logical reasons why the man should marry. I have only reflections about it, but it seems to me, I found the answer to the question “What for?“.

Article not for those who already decided to be banded and knows precisely that it is necessary to it. I write for the men reflecting, thinking, wishing to know and act consciously.

The most widespread and the reasons for a marriage sounded by men are: desire of frequent sex, belief that it is necessary to have a family, persistence of the woman (the ultimatum: either marry - or we will leave), on love, foolishly, well and “all marry, I what, worse, perhaps?“

All these arguments are very unconvincing. For example, illusion is the desire of frequent sex in marriage. While the young man tries to obtain the girl and passionately wants her, then thinks that marriage will allow it to be engaged in this pleasant business every day. But, in - the first, such belief reminds the relation to favourite food: he very much loves bananas as he eats them infrequently, the desire is strong, but here decides to buy 20 kilograms of bananas and to eat them; having swallowed 10 - 15 pieces, understands, not in bananas happiness; having eaten up everything bought, realizes that it hates bananas now. In - the second, many women at all not such passionate in everyday life as during the premarital period, sex to them it is necessary, but not every day; and under certain conditions it is necessary to be left the same passionate boyfriend, romantic and without claims, otherwise carnal pleasures it can be refused. In - the third, “having eaten too much“ this woman, the man understands that there are many other beautiful and sexually attractive girls whom he did not try yet, the wife becomes not so interesting to him in a bed as earlier. Therefore to marry from - for sex very silly, it is only the important reason for marriage, but one of many and not main.

Belief is simple - it is necessary to make a family, it is installation by the social, inspired by society, maybe, parents if they had a successful and close-knit family. On the one hand, it is not the worst social installation, but not the fact that the good family of parents is unconditional guarantee of successful marriage of the man who grew up in such family. To build the happiness on only one belief that it is just necessary to marry as at other people it turned out well, very much it is not far-sighted. All people different: if one are created for a family, then others for scandals and divorce. Therefore, I suspect that it is not enough one belief.

It is not reasonable to marry at the woman`s insistance - at all. To make the decision under the threat of the ultimatum “Marry or I will leave you (sex you will not receive any more)“ is not an act of the responsible man.

So, why?

Of course, it is very important to know that in marriage the woman can give to the man. But if to list benefits of family life, then there will always be arguments in favor of the fact that sex, care, feeling of the importance, etc. the man can receive also out of marriage. Especially, if it has a favourite business, money, the social status and the head on shoulders, women of worthy and safe love.

There is other reasoning. It is necessary to marry when, except benefits of the marriage relations, there is an understanding that the man can give to the woman, children what family wants to establish.

For adoption of the conscious and correct decision it is necessary to think of the mission, meaning of life. What good will remain after you for people? Opening, results of favourite business, maybe, well raised children, geniuses? What you can report to them? Is what to share? What they will see the relations in a family? Whether it will want to have then to them same? If the man - the master in the favourite business, business, sport, science, it can put forces in a family and create something perfect, embody idea in reality, the main thing, to know the meaning of life and to understand how the family is built in its mission, is its part.

If the man does not see sense in the life, did not formulate it, I think, to marry to it early, or at all it is not necessary as while there is no answer to the main issue - why life how you decided to dispose of it, - it is difficult for you to find the answer, why to you a family what you can give it?

More often happens so what young people do not know and do not reflect what they want to construct what relations, whether the family is necessary? Sex, for example, is necessary, and the family not yet. Wise girls prompt: do not think of it, everything that it is necessary for me, I will take itself, you, the main thing, do not resist - marry. Then it turns out that to give - that nothing the newly made husband and he did not plan it. Perhaps it is time to begin to think?

One more important argument.

The marriage is a call, new introduction in life. Whether you will be able to be the responsible man? That is not in words, and in practice to create the qualitative, light, joyful relations? To pay for them in money (it is ready to earn), time, energy? Sometimes answers to these questions motivate to begin to create business, to build the house, to gain new knowledge, skills, abilities, to become the rich. Only it is necessary, again - the nobility - for the sake of what?

What sense in it? It is everyone for itself defines independently. You already formulated?

Yes, well and absolutely a little. It is worth marrying such woman for the sake of whom you are ready to go forward, to develop, grow rich, receive the high social status, and to bring all this to whom? Correctly - it! And not because you want to receive sex, attention, care, and first of all because you want to give love, attention, care.

If it is ready and you know well why it is necessary to marry, then forward! Good families has to be more, begin with yourself, set others an example!