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The choice of future profession - a question very serious?!

In life of each school student come the moment when there is a question of the choice of future profession. Someone since small years dreams to become the actor or the artist and does everything for implementation of the dream: visits theatrical circles, studies special literature. And many pupils even in a graduation class cannot decide on the one whom they want to become.
That is why the choice this very difficult and in it some difficulties arise. The child has to understand precisely all difficulties of the profession chosen by him, realize as it is hard to be allocated from the huge competition in modern labor market. It has to have all necessary knowledge, be interested in novelties and whenever possible lead active lifestyle. And parents and close people have to help it with all this.
Than parents can help the child? First of all it is necessary to try to carry away it something useful, for example to try to write down it in some circle or sports section. But it is not necessary to think if your child goes to hockey club, then it it will become obligatory the hockey player. It will give it the chance to communicate with other children, to open the talents, to know itself better. And in the future surely will help it to be defined with the choice of future profession.
When the child will grow up, it is possible to give it the chance to earn money most. He has to understand with what work money is earned. And parents surely have to it help with it. Of course nobody will hire your child the accountant or the economist even if he dreams of it. It is possible to arrange it with the courier or the mail carrier.
In the senior classes can suggest children to pass a test for career guidance which will help it to decide on choice of profession. During creation of such tests psychologists, teachers, HR specialists take part. Usually such tests give several options of professions at once. The received results can be analysed, discussed with the child, to find out to what specialty the soul of your child lies and after that it is possible to begin preparation for entering a higher education institution. never forget
I that the test for career guidance will not predict future to your child, and will only help it to know better himself and the professional abilities.
needs to explain to the child that to it it is necessary to study persistently and long at school, at university. And this its choice will define all his further life. He will have to do favorite thing every day from year to year. Therefore it is necessary to think and present more and more time itself in this profession. And with it it has to be helped surely by his parents.
Can also be written down the child on courses of entrants where it will have an opportunity to communicate to students and teachers. To reduce it on excursion in the organization where people of the profession interesting him work. He will be able to understand as they work what difficulties face. All this
will help it to achieve the dream, to calculate the forces on ways to this dream and to achieve the.