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Why to conduct home accounts department?

Idea of this article that, answering a question “why“, we at the same time will understand “as“. From what purpose, depends also a way of its achievement. So, we will consider what return from regular fixation of expenses throughout a long time?

Having analysed work of users on popular service of the accounting of finance, I drew a conclusion that the home accounts department gives to people here that:

Tranquility . Many people often have a question “Where Money Disappears?“, without home accounts department from such thoughts becomes disturbing, the feeling of control is lost, there is an irritation. And if you keep account of finance, then will quietly find the answer, having glanced in reports, and will draw the correct conclusions.

Economy . It will be if to plan the family budget. Really, if you see structure and volume of expenses of your family for the last three months, you can soberly assess a situation and plan expenses on the next period. And at times happens and so that it is necessary not just to save, and it is banal to hold on to a salary, the home accounts department very much helps with it.

, How many money at me now? you will have an understanding of it. The highlight is that this question rises unexpectedly and with an enviable regularity. For example, every time when it is necessary to buy something more or less serious. Life becomes complicated even more when at you:

- several places of storage of money (accounts, safes, electronic money, deposits);
- part of money is stored in different currencies;
- is debts which owe you or you have to;
- is moneyboxes or grists in which you save money for large purchases.

Sometimes you need to estimate the general sum which is available for you taking into account all these nuances. If you conduct home accounts department, your total balance will be always before eyes.

Order . Yes, it is regular to bring expenses gives not enough pleasure. It is dreary and demands self-discipline. However it is not so difficult. Fall in love with it you will get used to do - and, at the same time and will gain very good skill of discipline which, in turn, will give feeling of an order, self-confidence and forces for larger achievements.

If something from listed to you is close, you can test yourself in practice. For this purpose it is possible to use some online - service for the accounting of finance. There are Russian-speaking popular resources with all tools which can be necessary in this case, including the mechanism of planning of the family budget.

How to plan the budget?

From that, how well you are able to dispose of the received money, not only your financial wellbeing and the family budget depends. It appears, it directly influences your mood and the general vitality. And it is not so important whether you suffer a shortage of money or just you do not want to spend superfluous.

Let`s say you need to distribute food stocks for the winter to hold on to spring. If you do not consider how many products you can daily consume, then you or will eat everything too early and will starve to death, or will eat less, than could, and can starve. And in the family budget.

What to do?

Fall in love to conduct home accounts department.
Look at history of your expenses at least for the last three months.
Compare them with your real requirements and earnings.
Create the monthly plan of the budget for the year ahead in the computer program and specify in it the total amount which it is necessary to keep within.
If necessary detail the size of expenses under each article of expenses.

After that in process of entering of expenses into your home accounts department you will always see whether you keep within the plan how many still it is possible to spend also what approximate daily expense.