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Chance of the second life. To be or not to be?

As often to us were necessary to face announcements like “I will give in a good charge …“, “I will urgently give, in connection with moving.“, “I will attach an old dog …“. Due to the different vital circumstances, disputes, stains, moving, the births of children, death of relatives, people give pets. Just like that, for nothing, if only to give. Dogs, cats, all of them with history, with the past, and with the present which is so unstable. Cats and dogs look owners in the face of the meanwhile still and try to find the answer and that will be with them if do not find new owners, will not attach in good hands. What then? Holodnaya Street, wandering on garbage cans or humane euthanasia with words - you became obsolete, now you just are necessary to nobody. Do we have chance of the second new life?

Many people who all - want to get a pet have a prejudice in relation to animals with history whom give in the second charge. People reluctantly go on such step how to present to an animal chance of the second happy life in house heat and a cosiness. It is explained by the fact that there is no wish to deal with an animal, which already adult, with the built-up character and habits. Easier and more simply, so I think some, to get an animal and to bring up it under myself. It is difficult to argue with it, on the one hand. And on the other hand - on that we and people, the highest reasonable step to be humane and compassionate and to understand that even such animal with history, there is a wish to live, there is a wish to have the house and the owner. You only for a moment present what feels an animal, all the same, a cat or a dog when his destiny is decided or when they are on street, and the world, habitual for them, falls. And the most terrible that in this world there is no most important person for them - their owner.

Animals take such moment in their life very hard. Maybe their behavior will change, apathy can be replaced by aggression, loss of appetite and lack of interest in life. The animal endures the most real stress. To him it is rather painful.

For those who decide to take to themselves in the house an animal with history it is necessary to realize that easily and just will not be at once. You and an animal will need to get used to each other, to get used characters. The animal will need to leave a condition of the stress caused by change of tenor of life and the owner. On it time will be required. There can pass months before the animal recognizes in you the new owner. Of you in relation to a pet there has to be a manifestation of the maximum care, leaving and love. Any aggression, any violence. If the animal refuses to eat food - do not force it, just regularly impose a fresh portion and care for clear water. Do not impose it the embraces and caress if the animal shows discontent, stop ironing it and step aside. At the same time, the animal should not feel permissiveness, it has to have the place, the requirements it has to celebrate on walk, and by no means, houses.

Advantage of an animal with history is the fact that it is already trained and lived in the house with the owner, about rules of conduct and education it has a concept. To you only not obkhodimo to pick up a key to his heart.

The animal will surely feel your sincerity, and your love and care will help it to adapt quicker to new life and to answer your love and care with the devotion.

In end there is a wish to tell a story. The young married couple, at the request of the child, decided to get a dog. In the beginning decided to approach a question standardly, to take a puppy and to bring up it. But women the announcement “caught sight I will give in a good charge …“ Gave a dwarfish poodle. The situation was complicated by the fact that it there were already not second hands, not the second chance of life, and the third. The hostess, for the unclear reasons, threw out a thoroughbred dog on the street. That wandered on streets and wastebaskets. When it was picked up by the second owners, it was in an awful state. Sick, thin, overgrown, with all possible dog diseases. The second owners took away it to themselves. Washed, cut, cured. In half a year, on personal circumstances, they had to look for for a dog the new house again. Infinite gratitude to these people that they just did not throw out this poodle on the street as the previous hostess. Then to this dog there were third owners. In spite of the fact that it was in other area, all of them - decided to take it. There were, of course, fears that such stresses postponed a print on character of a dog, but the compassion was stronger. And here the dog appeared in the house of a young family. The first two weeks she practically ate nothing. Sat, having hidden in a corner. Then gradually began to react to addresses to her. And then … Now it is a charming dwarfish poodle. It tender and playful. Knows all teams (a merit of the previous owners). Devoted and true. And in her dog eyes there is so much love that in them it is possible to drown. She perfectly gets on with the child. Also it seems that it was always near.

To give chance to an animal for the second life - very responsible step. For those who decided on it it is necessary to understand what will not be easy. All patience, all love of which you are only capable is required. But the result will not disappoint you. The ocean of love in the opinion of an animal his infinite devotion - here your award for a noble and humane act.