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Cat in the house - advantage or harm?

the Fluffy lump of happiness on your knees, tenderly purring, looks to you in the face. And in cat`s eyes - a chasm and an abyss. What only about the history was not endured by these mysterious beings - both worship of Egyptians, and destruction during inquisition, and indifference and cruelty of the modern world.

For what people hated cats, exterminating them in thousands? What do not love now for? Whether the cat family for the person bears really some threat?

The last researches of scientists dispelled all myths about “harm“ and “insalubrity“ of cats. Here what results were published over the last 5 years by the American scientists: the risk of sudden death from heart attack at owners of cats decreases by thirty percent, in comparison with the ordinary people who do not have cats in the house. Why, you ask? There is no logical explanation for it, unfortunately. But the figure in thirty percent can hardly be a mere coincidence or accident.

According to the same scientists, those people in whose the house there lives a cat, suffer from heart attacks and other diseases warmly much less often - vascular system. This fact most likely by the fact that as scientists consider, presence of a cat in the house creates extraordinary comfortable situation is explained, helps to cope easier with various stressful situations, helps to relax and forget about problems. When we fixedly peer into bottomless cat`s eyes, we listen to their tender purring, we touch silky wool - all problems and adversities leave somewhere, there are only we with a cat, it is more than nobody and nothing.

Many opponents of animals declare that the animal in the house - it is unhygienic, it can provoke an allergy. And if in the house there is a small child - any animals to get that and even less so it is impossible. And all living quadrupeds at the time of appearance of the child at best should be distributed on acquaintances, and in the worst - it is simple to throw out on the street. Really our Marquises and Murchiki can really do harm to the child and provoke an allergy, toxoplasmosis and it is a lot more other dreadful diseases?

The American scientists from the State of Virginia did not stop on results of researches of the colleagues and went further, trying to prove favorable impact of cats on health of their owners. Very accurately they declared: if in your house there lives a cat, this fact can interfere with development of children`s asthma.

The only exception is the obvious allergy to wool and dust. Many confuse an allergy to these two components to an allergy to an animal. These are absolutely different things. So, your domestic kitty promotes that at your child immune reaction which interferes with development of asthma and diseases of lungs in children is developed. This results from the fact that in its organism antibodies which rescue not only from asthma, but also from so-called “cat`s“ allergens, wool and dust begin to be developed.

All other cat`s problems, like a possibility of appearance of fleas, worms and depriving, in our modern century easily decide by means of visit to the veterinarian or in a veterinary drugstore behind necessary drugs. Add to it still regular obligatory inoculations, and your cat will not do precisely any harm to your health.

The main thing that was not on the contrary - do not offend fluffy (or sleek-haired) the beauty.