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“Carefully, money!“ Why this phrase gains popularity?

Most often similar headings appear in a foreign press. Both in “yellow“, and in the most scientific. So why right now we observe almost insanity with heart-rending shouts “Warning: money!“?

There is a lot of reasons for that. Honor political crises, economic ailments in all European (and not only) the countries, the hanging psychological pressure from expectation of a hyperinflation of the American dollar and single European currency.

Now we will not stop for a long time on psychological problems of absence or presence at the person of insufficiently large sum of money. Strange, but, as a rule, money does not happen much, they are always not enough. And people about it strongly suffer, earning by themselves not only psychological frustration, but also the hardest nervous breakdowns. Exceptions, of course, are, but they only confirm the rule.

But money can become also the reason of usual medical, and not just psychological frustration.

First of all, paper bank notes can serve as the banal carrier of all infections, first of all skin. Not a rarity on paper notes and the bacteria causing food poisonings: colibacillus, staphylococcus, and others. Though on a mint before issue “monetary“ paper is also impregnated with special disinfecting structure, but he acts not all the time which banknotes “live“.

Besides, shabby paper money as a sponge, absorb in themselves heavy metals from a tobacco smoke, automobile exhausts etc. Than the note is older, it is more dangerous by that. Perhaps therefore many people also try to get rid as soon as possible of old notes, subconsciously feeling danger which from them proceeds.

Many people have just banal allergy to materials of which money is made. On researches of medical laboratory of the Cambridge university (University of Cambridge), only in the territory of Britain the number of people makes several millions of “group of monetary risk“. And how many them worldwide?

With coins in this plan the situation is better. The aluminum, nickel, copper and tin which are a part of metal coins have pronounced disinfecting (bakterioubivayushchy) effect. That is metal coins, even visited colonies of bacteria, after their extraction from pathogenic “material“ remain almost sterile.

Results of such research were published by the doctor of medicine Frank Vrayskup (Frank Vriesekoop) from university of the Australian city of Ballarat (University of Ballarat). But not everything is so iridescent. These metals in itself are capable to cause a serious illness. So, high concentration of copper and nickel on skin as a result of a long “continence in a hand“ medno - nickel European coins can provoke diseases of a liver, a thyroid gland, a cataract, diseases of nervous system, motive frustration.

Yes, in the modern world there is a good alternative to cash - credit cards. Though on plastic, on dyes of which the credit card is made there can be an allergy, but probability of such danger much less, than in a case with banknotes. Plastic is in every respect better also gigiyenichny.

Only researches showed that the people who got used to pay off with credit cards spend (with other things being equal) much more money, than the citizens who are paying off with cash. But it already another story altogether...