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Health is a secret? Not for all!

Somehow time, watching some transfer about health on the federal channel, I heard the surprised woman`s question. She told what is here, she is not 50 years old yet - ti, and she has an excess weight and joints not to hell, as they say. The doctor began to talk some nonsense, but did not tell the most important. The bad doctor to Whom you will believe

more, as it is correct to fat doctor who will tell you to grow thin, to the driver - the instructor who is not kneaded to go, the actor who plays so that in 20 minutes you go dissatisfied home Of course to anybody.

Our many people among whom there were also I suffer from a huge number of chronic diseases, since 20 (!) years. There is many fitness - programs, there are many diets, but there is no universal, suitable all. You know, it as with a press, like exercises a heap, and differently influences all.

But nevertheless there is several universal and the main thing of the natural, checked in the millennia programs which at diligent performance, will help to achieve not only temporary result, but really impressive health. Everything that is required from you - it is just to understand all power of these means and to make small efforts at the initial stage.

Long not to weary human soul, hungry to health, I will tell at once that it will be a question of medical starvation (be frightened by a debt) and also absolutely easy physical exercises. Everything that I will tell below - it is excerpts from the books read by me, - pillars in the world of literature about health, and also personal experience (otherwise would not write).

Being a young man, not having reached till 30 years, once, I found out that I am hurt by a stomach that I am hurt by knees that I became weak as the old man. I smoked, drank every day and about health did not think. I began with what left off smoking. There are many good books, but I acted this way: began to smoke a cigarette and with each inhaling tried to understand and feel taste. Except small disgust it caused nothing. Decided not to smoke one day. Further, having begun to smoke a cigarette, a day later, having made a big inhaling, to me it became bad from taste, I made couple more and threw out. Did not smoke after this day 3, then repeated everything. Then drank, made a big inhaling again, and, you will not believe, even being drunk, understand that pleasures of a cigarette do not bring. Generally, then lit several months later and nothing, except a headache did not receive.

When you leave off smoking, there is a wish to go further. And I went. Incidentally in the field of my sight the book of the American nutritionist P. Bragg got. Almost at all it is at home, but almost nobody read it. In the book the most ancient way to be healthy, a starvation method is described. Long not to be sprayed, I will tell only that even in Soviet period when any western literature was exposed the most severe criticism, at the beginning and at the end of the book, opinions of the brightest Soviet scientists on starvation are given. And there is no criticism there. For the believing people I report that Jesus and David starved too. But, I will ask to notice 40 days. And now the main thing and that I tested. At a standard way of life of the standard Russian which also I am, for finding of health at any age and weight, it is necessary to make the following simple things. You will choose day, it is desirable day off when it is possible to lie down at any moment of the house., and from a dinner till a dinner do not eat anything. It is possible to drink usual water. At this moment, all forces of an organism are directed not to a chewing and digestion of food, and to rest and restoration of internals. Do so every week. The first times it will be heavy, but no more than 2 - 3 times. When there pass days of your starvation, first of all eat salad as Bragg speaks, it is better on the basis of carrots and cabbage. In an hour after that you can eat anything.

You will tell, here supposedly surprised! So simply? And All! Generally almost yes. Regarding food, I will add only that it is better for you not to eat salt and sugar, and also not to drink (in all aerated water there is a huge amount of sugar, and it, as we know, washes away calcium from an organism). Well or to try to reduce them to a minimum. Be afraid of flour and all artificial products. Try to eat meat no more than 3 - x once a week. If you love bread, try to roast at least it slightly and it is better to eat gray of course, but if you are physically very active, you can eat it as much as necessary. For big fans of alcohol, I advise from the daily mode of consumption to pass to weekly. I assure you - pleasures will be more, and at the same time, metabolic you already will not break processes in any way. Begin food with vegetables or fruit. These simple councils together with a daily foot walk or run, I assure you, and I speak absolutely seriously, will make of you in 8 - 12 months of the person who is not recognized even by your family.

P. S. Everything that here is written, checked on itself and on many people, with the different constitution of a body and a way of life. All of them achieved not just good, and IMPRESSIVE results. To it all will come sooner or later. But, you see, to be among the first - it is so pleasant!