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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 7 - 8? “Titanic“ in 3D, etc.

Already goes the second week, and “Hungry games“ all cannot be sated in any way. Having conceded the first place in the Russian hire to “Anger of titans“, the picture with a gap in several tens millions of rubles strongly holds the second position. Well, the future beginners - old men of hire are simply obliged to dilute the three of leaders.

On April 5 in Russia the third starts, after “Star wars“ and “The Lion King“, reanimated in the 3D project long ago the left days. The speech, by itself, about James Cameron`s “Titanic“. It will be competed by new adventures of the matured heroes in the comedy “The American pie: In total assembled“ and domestic military fighter “Spy“. Among less famous debutants of hire there is a cinema about whores, Shevchuk`s concert, the drama about the superhero, the comedy about a party and the fighter in style “kill all of them“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Titanic“ (Titanic, 1997)

When Cameron was asked why “Titanic“, but not, let us assume, more suitable for 3D - convertings “Strangers“ or “Terminator“, he answered that he considers the Oscar-winning blockbuster as the universal movie capable to return mass audience to movie theaters. It and the truth, the movie - accident was the last opus the director before emergence of “Avatar“ which already was initially in volume.

It is possible to be sure, quality of the picture in updated “Titanic“ will be “correct, kemeronovsky“. “Star wars“ in this plan pleased only partially so we will wait for a small miracle from the main thing 3D - the magician of Hollywood. Certainly, the plot did not suffer at all so tear-stained faces and wet scarfs will not get to anywhere. Unless quantity they will be reduced because one three-dimensional format, alas, you will not be full. And while the viewer looks forward from the director of continuation of “Avatar“ (and there will be it very at a distant day), it is necessary to be interrupted here by such gifts by centenary anniversary of crash of the sad known liner.

2. “American pie: In total assembled“ (American Reunion, 2012)

It is very rare when characters of the youth comedy gather on the screen in full strength thirteen years later. Such projects usually burn out in dust at an idea stage: actors are too busy, they are disturbed by age, a beer stomach or new reputation. So left that similar main characters of the film in the original “American pie“ of 1999 are burdened with nothing. None of them in rather big stars were beaten out, therefore, the new sequel - a good way to earn from the checked image and to remind of himself.

However, “The American pie“ feels sick from continuations for a long time. Since 2005, since the fourth part, all of them come to video, passing film distribution. And faces were already changed more than once, and quality of tapes naturally fell below a plinth, having degenerated in trite and unhumorous sketches from life of the American teenagers on the verge of hormonal explosion. A new picture, having brought together all “old men“, it is urged to hammer a thick nail into a cover of a coffin of the franchize and to put the fat end to their adventures. Such summarizing project which is simply obliged to be pleasant to all admirers of the original which, by the way, over the years looks better and better, especially against “masterpieces“, similar on subject.

3. “Spy“ (2012)

the Only merit of the idiotic opus “Hitler, Kaput!“ can consider by

that now any variations on the Great Patriotic War have the right for existence. And if Hollywood shoots adventure action films like “Captain of America“ or “Indiana Jones“, then than we it is worse? Especially as the basis of the debut movie of the director Alexey Andrianov was formed by the book “Spy Novel“ very dear in the homeland of the writer Boris Akunin.

Action of a picture happens in the spring of 1941, in the run-up to tragic events. The German intelligence transfers to Moscow the superspy Vasser with the purpose to misinform Russians about date of attack of Germany on the USSR. Our spies do not sleep too and prepare for the potential enemy the worthy answer. Mainly in rough physical shape. The feat of the intelligence agent is carried out Fedor Bondarchuk with ridiculous short moustaches and Danila Kozlowski. Sponsors a tape not who other as “the guarantor of stability of domestic cinema“ Nikita Mikhalkov, and the movie obviously suffers from “the orphan`s syndrome“ because it is cut out for a wide release from a serial format. Perhaps, the televersion will fill semantic emptiness of the feature film.

4. “Raid“ (Serbuan maut, 2011)

be not surprised to the strange name of the original - Gareth Evans`s tape is from Indonesia. 20 cops arrange raid on a skyscraper at which the drug baron - the psychopath with small army sat down. Operation was planned to be performed quickly and on - silent, but the criminal was ready to a fight. And a fight took place.

According to critics and authoritative editions from cinema, before us one of the best fighters of the last years. Even the old man Stallone with “Uncontrollable“ nervously smokes aside.

Ruthless, impetuous, storm movie of action. Quintessence of an action. Asians established a new record by quantity of punches on a shooting stage, having been ahead of the colleagues of Thais with their well-known “Ong - the Tank“. It is obligatory for all fans of a genre to look. Any Hollywood snivels, only began to smell gunpowder and a ring of a machete.

5. “Project X: Seized“ (Project X, 2012)

If such booze went, you catch one more kintso without brakes and acceptable stamps. Pseudo-documentary horror films and “the found films“ bothered? Well, will be enough to frighten the people by fictional monsters. Let`s look better, than actually today`s generation at parties, so far “parents at the dacha“ is engaged. It is no secret that there the grass, sex, beer and loud music run the show. So was and so will be. However, according to the director Nima Nurizade not each tusa comes to an end with a scratch of krovatny springs or emetic patterns in a toilet. It happens and is much worse.

It is possible to wear as much as necessary present youth, but from similar actions you will not get to anywhere. Authors of a picture do not offer a romantic outcome, looking at the events in a shot the released look “the operator - the layman“. Unmalicious, places the toothless satire as if hints: free sex, as well as free cheese, can cost very much.

And now we will be run by a look on other participants of a regatta which should serve as a background for the above-stated advertized novelties.

From Germany the original drama movie with elements of animation “Death of the superhero“ will come to our movie theaters . The difficult teenager (the grown-up fellow from England who played the son Liam Neeson in the well-known “Real love“) is sure that he will die soon so tries to live the months which remained to him (weeks? days?) so that was about what to remember. Parents send the son, the gifted artist, to a mozgoprav (Andy Serkis, he is Gollum), which “I“ help the boy to find own.

The European picture “Remembering my sad whores falsities of love it is put according to Gabriel Garcia Marquez`s novel. The old man, all life buying love for money, suddenly realizes that in the evening of life fell in love as the boy. Alas, you will not waste life back as a film.

The Russian cinema this week is presented by two works. The movie - a concert of DDT group and Yury Shevchuk “The sky under heart“ will be in wide release shown , and in limited - esthetic it is black - the white drama “Hearts a boomerang“ . The new movie of Finn Mika Kaurismyaki, the tragicomedy “Brothers“ will compete for the rare viewer with these projects .