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What vehicle it is possible to call vertolyotomobily? American samolyotomobil I already wrote

of Missile defense. The “bad“ example was infectious, and here - after samolyotomobily the Dutch hybrid of the helicopter and car, such vertolyotomobil “hands over“ certified tests to PAL - V.

“The American car - the Terrafugia Transition plane had a competitor. The Dutch company PAL - V successfully finished a series of test flights of the same name flying car which has to be available for sale in 2014“, - reported www. gazeta. ru.

When on roads this miracle really will appear, so far it is hard to say. Meanwhile, the mass production of the same samolyotomobilya is started by Terrafugia Transition in 2012.

In development vertolyotomobilya PAL - V took part specialists of National space laboratory of the Netherlands and University of Delft. The prototype passed a full cycle of automobile certified tests in 2009, and by 2012 PAL - V learned to fly.

Developers claim that after obtaining the flight certificate of safety (allegedly in 2012) PAL - V will meet all safety requirements of the European countries and the USA as the air and land vehicle. Even if there is an engine failure in air, the device does not fall, the screw continues to turn, and the device softly sits down on the earth. However, the device in this case already lands where it is necessary, but not where it is necessary.

What is a hybrid of the helicopter and car? You will not call it a full-fledged car, only three wheels and two seats - as in the motorcycle, one by one. There is practically no luggage compartment, there in “land option“ the tail plumage and the operating screw which is usually located at the helicopter on a tail hides. The bearing top screw out of flight is difficult on a roof too and is covered with a special fairing that less “clung to air“.

Technical characteristics strongly do not impress. But, there`s nothing to be done, it is necessary to begin with something. Length of “hybrid“ in the land mode made 4 m, width of 1,6 m and height of 1,6 m. In air both the screw with a diameter of 3 m, and a two-meter tail behind is added. The motor - 218 “horses“, dispersal to 100 km/h in 8 seconds.

As well as any modern car, PAL - V is equipped with safety cushions, ABC, the computer stabilizer of course stability. The expense on 100 km of an automobile way - is slightly more than 8 liters, the volume of a fuel tank - 100 liters that allows to pass about 1200 km at one gas station.

The maximum speed is 180 km/h both in land, and in air option. However, in flight the device eats fuel four times faster, than in land, about 30 liters on 100 km. Flying range strongly depends on weight and at the maximum loading (230 kg) makes not less than 350 km. For a landing the flat platform not less than 30 m 2 is necessary . For take-off preliminary dispersal - a direct strip not less than 165 m

Unlike an automatic samolyotomobilya of Terrafugia Transition which of a land state in air and is back given completely automatically is necessary, “it is necessary to display and put“ vertolyotomobil PAL - V manually. On assurances of developers, correctly trained the person will carry out all manipulations on the translation from a land state in air less than in 10 minutes.

For this purpose it is required to pull out tail plumage from a luggage carrier. Further it is necessary to remove a plastic cover from the put bearing screw and, naturally, to spread out the bearing screw according to the special scheme. At start of the motor the accelerating screw is pushed out from a luggage compartment automatically.

The return manipulations transforming the device from air to the land vehicle are made much quicker. Not too conveniently. But the car so far as saving means, and her main consumers (according to developers) - rescue services is positioned: firefighters, mine rescuers, a health service etc. of

Approached where it is necessary, for example, to the burning skyscraper or the site of the highway which is filled up with an avalanche, quickly made the helicopter of the machine, took away suffering disaster, transferred where it is necessary, hid the screw and a tail - and again left. Developers claim that the machine for such cases is made.

But rescuers rescuers, and PAL firm - V Europe NV already began reception of pre-orders and from individuals. “You can use our PAL car - V and as the traditional car, and as flying means if you suddenly need to fly through the river or the mountain, or a stopper“, - the CEO of the PAL company - the V Robert Dindzhemans claims. About traffic jams, IMHO, the companion general strongly bent. As it was told above to fly up, in front of car there have to be 165 meters of the pure, flat road …

Krom of the rights for driving, the owner of PAL - V is obliged to obtain the flight license. In some countries flights of such cars have to be coordinated with local authorities, however in the countries of the European Union of such coordination it is not required.

The price did not appear yet, it is known only that it will cost not less than 200 000 dollars, but, having deposited to the account of firm of 10 000 dollars (not euro - probably, the offer it is sent generally to Americans), you can get in line for receiving. Speak, the first orders already are.

And still information finally. Not only the American Terrafugia Transition, but also an americana - the Chinese “the flying car“ of Skycar in which development the Chinese government and private investors already invested more than three billion dollars will be a competitor of PAL - V.

And Carter Aviation, an industrial autogyro (the light helicopter) which goes on - automobile. Possibly, development such nazemno - air hybrids already there began automobile and aircraft constructing corporations.

Such impression that soon when crossing the road it is necessary to look not only to the right and to the left, but also up …