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Excursions on the capitals of the world free of charge? I Congratulate

on approach of Spring, at us behind a board + 22 already (in Chisinau) so it is possible to consider spring came into the own! Mood because of it simply blossoming and flitting. I Want to share
about such system when it is possible to see the large city free of charge! And here It should be noted enthusiasm of those people, to mind to which this light idea came. You likely heard about the cheap sightseeing tours existing under the name cityrama (cityram), and so analog of such walking tour is the freetour system .

I very much like both an invention and execution. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kiev even if you something else not all or is incomplete know about the cities, it too to you will be interesting to learn and participate.

In what an essence and where a dirty trick? All remember free cheese and that he is not. And actually everything ingeniously and simply - there are organizers who just love, I would even emphasize, adore the city and which create the website on which the point of collecting for such pedestrian rounds and sometimes the program of visits appears. I will tell at once, for a large number of people, from 20 where that, this system badly works. After all it is calculated to 20 people. And so, for tip to you will conduct a super saturated and interesting sightseeing tour, of course attracts to look at everything, but what that should be begun … with. Therefore for a start, survey.
Essential advantage is the fact that you are driven not on usual tourist tracks, and those places, and in such order and a look that gives you indisputable advantage before habitual excursion. Children give all the best, generally in English, showing round the city from the point of view. You: and - you get acquainted with the city and “from within“ - you know places which are lovely to heart to locals, and it not the first awkward appointment to the city, it is informal conversation. You nobody adjusts, easy communicate with you and tell in parallel the facts from history or just interesting information is issued. I will repeat, all this for tip. You by the end of excursion find new friends, - it is checked because the atmosphere has.
Further, business is not limited to an obzorka and for those who have already not enough only one sightseeing tour, so-called “game“ excursions are offered, it is analog of a role-playing game. The experience giving you in 3 - 5 hours not only idea of the city where you are for the first time or not for the first time, and immersion in his life. Or it is necessary to you that that to find, or you carry out special mission, it is game! And besides for symbolical money like 700 rubles an equivalent. And what travel agency for such money it will arrange to you? Very popular idea which is held in respect and active participation try also you.

How to find such enthusiasts? depends Here on where you eat. Yet not all cities are captured by this system as I already noted, only large. And it is rather simple to find: all of them have a website because by means of it they define a point and time of collecting. Here some of such:

com /
com /
kiev. ua /
com /
newberlintours. com /
bafreetour. com/english - home
newlondon - tours. com /
freetoursbyfoot. com /
newjerusalemtours. com /
newamsterdamtours. com /
guided - bucharest. com/index. html
runnerbeantours. com /
newromefreetour. com/nrft/homepage. html
cityfreetour. com/home /
discoverwalks. com /
belgradewalkingtours. com /

On what they contain the website? the Websites at them informative and too interesting, and money for their contents receives from individual services - either the assistant, or individual excursions only for 1 - 2 customers, that is not in the group mode or to order carrying out excursions. And even providing services of personal assistants - to help to book tickets, to visit the right places or just to help to find the necessary addresses, even absolutely adequate money undertakes these services. And it is their fad - they just love the cities, share it with pleasure on a voluntary basis. The system is very popular and opravdyvayetsebya, human communication, easy, informative and fascinating leaves indelible emotions in the hearts of travelers.
So this effective remedy to get acquainted with the city “ from within “ and to experience its style.
is not surprising if there is a desire to return again and to continue communication.