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Marriage or relations? A magic power of a stamp

the Stamp is necessary in order that the door with tar was not smeared. All do to it , but do not smear a door with everything. And in what one differ from others? The first lawfully satisfy the physiological requirements, and the second did not ask on it for permission of the state. Though - the last century, of course … our grandmothers - that well remember

A! For them the informal relations with the man - a shame! Contempt of society. Dirt which for all life can be not washed. Therefore with life even sometimes finished. It was so simpler.

Eventually loyalty arrived. During a time of youth of my mother of the relation without stamp were actively procrastinated by envious women. A reason for sharp movements it did not become any more. But still successfully is the reason of experiences for granddaughters and daughters.

Today young people safely close eyes to all these conventions. Close relations do not oblige to protect honor of the girl a marriage and girls do not aspire to it at all. The passport should be protected. That the person glanced and at once saw: the girl who is not spoiled. And what all had, so it!

When I became the adult girl, parents solemnly declared: you want love - marry. And point. The daughter was obedient and executed wishes. Safely and quickly jumped out, itself did not understand where. Whether it is badly good, and I lived in marriage of 8 years. With strong confidence that if not the parental decree, would not hold on so much.

And then once again married. And still … And all these marriages - divorces, freankly speaking, tired. Soon and the passport was forced to change. The abundance of stamps to the state workers of eyes cut. With envy, probably. I three times am married, and everything is successful! And some - any.

After two couples of stamps a third I did not want to get. This representative of female part of mankind - a free bird. It is pleasant - enjoy, it is not pleasant - the stamp will not help. The man obviously did not get used to such statement of a question. Also strained. Accessory of the woman has to be designated, and a point. As brand: the surname such - belongs to the husband to it-. The situation was resolved simply: I was inflated. Literally. Joyfully reported about pregnancy. With it it was necessary to agree and confirm paternity - motherhood with a stamp in the passport and a proud rank: now I am a muzhny wife.

But when the stamp is put, at once the holiday begins. A white dress, a veil, a feast and other delicacies with festivities. By the way, concerning an attire young people of stereotypes do not test too. Earlier the white dress and a veil designated it - literally - virginity. And now designate: beautiful bride. Sometimes pregnant beautiful bride. So what? But everything is certain and it is beautiful. And any sidelong glances. However, if the marriage becomes sport, to put on a veil already the reluctance. There is a lot of red tape: to do a hair, on hair to fix. This headdress did not turn into casual clothes. And remained festive. And that is pleasant.

However the blue circle in the passport does not designate your “innocence“ at all. Before God all of us are equal, and the passport to him not argument. Only wedding can allow you to indulge in joys wordly with the husband. And all others, and with circles too, - commit adultery!

The stamp in the passport can be the compelled need. In cases of the solution of the official questions demanding paper confirmations. Here romanticism has not enough. It is enough to weigh pros and cons - and everything becomes extremely clear.

And still, despite free views, to women (and men too) sometimes want to feel a magic power of a stamp. Yes, we understand that it is conventions, “only a piece of paper“ … But as stability, security, confirmation of love is pleasant!

And you go - and declare to all the serious intentions! To friends, relatives, acquaintances and strangers. Safely and loudly: “Yes, I now in the relations. In happy, and for the rest of life. And it means, others are not necessary to me“. Also put on a ring a finger. That people around were remembered, known and respected your love.

So, maybe, for the sake of it the stamp is also necessary?