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Bali or How to have a rest on “the paradise island“?

In cloudy, cold days always especially there is a wish for a bright sun and golden beaches. And still there is a wish that there were tropical cocktails, tender and the azure sea is obligatory...

The picture from the glossy tourist catalog was finished by a bungalow with a coconut roof and the line of the horizon merging just with that azure sea. I thought not for long. And already I sit in the plane, anticipating exotic adventures and magnificent photos of on envy to all girlfriends... the Transfer guide met

In Baunti style by

at the exit from the airport and, cheerfully chirping, educated that now a rainy season that that beach which I chose most “wavy“ and is chosen by surfers and that, except the visa for entrance, there is a visa for departure, to equal about 17 dollars here.

The charter after seven-hour flight, I tried to digest the obtained information, and at the same time to reach in an integrity and safety the car which appeared on other end of the airport.

I arrived to Bali.

By the evening I was finally convinced that I exactly here, and in any way differently. The only thing that here corresponded to the picture from the booklet, is a bungalow and the first line. In number I was met by closeness, too fragrant towels and the safe which did not respond to one password.

By the evening the indifferent guide came and, looking in phone screen, listed a set of excursions. In 10 minutes he left, having cut in the car on full loudness “Brilliant“.

I remained to reconnoiter the territory. Investigation for the third day ended with leading of unfavourable results.

The local currency estimated in tens and hundreds of thousands forced to regret about the calculator left at home. Fun, ulybchivost and affability of natives forced to check constantly on a bag the lock, in delivery - coins, and in soul - egoism and an instinct of self-preservation as everything reminded that you “rich and white here“.

Hundreds of thousands of Indonesian rupees in a purse only aggravated and confirmed this opposite feeling. It was necessary to make all efforts not to buy badly weaved baubles from children, their mothers have Chinese glass bracelets given for “original local costume jewelry“, and their fathers and husbands have “felikopter“ (helicopter (English) - helicopter; here: the shining toy) and the shining butterflies.

The Bali street food seemed the relative of “Flying Dutchman“ - you never knew when and where you will meet it and what troubles to you it will turn back. Though here street trade - always a source of troubles. For the tourist. Once you stop at a tray - not very well, cockleshells it or soup, - right there are flown by crowd of other, less successful fellows. Right there will offer you: “manicure -“ - having stuck manicure under a nose with crookedly obstrizhenny nail from which will climb up the third paint coat; “the most real“ hours of “Roleks“; skirts - “sarong“ and things other “very necessary to the tourist“.

Green bread and beach shows

is closer than

to a sunset outflow begins. The ocean leaves, leaving a huge strip of a surf in which children bury and in which it is possible to dig out wonderful cockleshells. On it run, jump, stand on hands. Walking, it is necessary to look around and keep in readiness the camera - meditations, capoeira, tomtoms, soccer, the photographers forcing “to catch in palms the sun“ for romantic photos … Always is what to look at.

By the evening go for searches of food and entertainments. Perhaps to you the beach bar with musicians and drunk Australians (it is applied in a set to bar) or the “European“ restaurant with on - Bali salty jam, or lovely cafe on an ocean coast with candles on tables and a local cuisine will attract. Or perhaps you will come into a supermarket behind noodles which can be made here (be only not frightened, having seen green bread - it usual rice, and do not torture the seller regarding his strange color - he all the same does not confess), and will go to the beach to listen to noise of a surf? The choice for you.

Rest on “the paradise island“ pleased with beautiful suntan, beach parties, exotic temples, the acquaintance across Thailand food, salty water not only in the ocean, but also in a native bathroom, spices and very tasty coffee. And still the exotic fishes who are thrown out by a storm, and also an instruction to the tourist put by the tour sales manager in two days prior to the plane and revealed only on the beach. There it was told: To “The citizens who are driving off to the countries, unsuccessful on especially dangerous infections (plague, cholera, yellow fever, malaria) …“ of

do not forget several important things: take cream with SPF 50, do not choose Kut`s beach if you not the surfer, watch a rainy season - here it from September to May … smile to

I more often! Here it is welcomed!