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And you who - the robot or a horse in a coat?

are interesting to study human thoughts - in them everything that in our lives can occur is put. It is the calculation in a material world of our internal beliefs. Nobody will argue with judgment “In what we trust, occurs!“.

Unfortunately, now not everyone hears himself as we live in very dynamic world where it is necessary to do a lot of things without reflecting, all became robots. And robots, as we know, it is alloys of metals which have no soul. Why in a rush of life many forgot about the essence why to fall to the relation, poor on emotion, to life?

Many of us ceased to realize that they a live organism which is supplied with reason and feelings, thoughts, consciousness and intuition. We ceased to rejoice. For many now life is hard, but only ourselves create it that. In total as on a template: a garden - school - institute - work - a family - pension. The person is afraid to begin everything with the beginning, to open to himself, the future “in new representation“ frightens him.

But the most interesting is the fact that if everyone with such representations and the relation to life appeared at its boundary, in half-minutes to the last gasp, then would understand how much he made not so how many he lodged in himself fear, incorrect beliefs and as he lived many days aimlessly!

Our negative habits generate the careless relation to the life. Your life such what you it see. Your work that which you chose in the subconsciousness. The same and in the relations, near you - your reflection. And at the same time all of us do not forget to complain: for work, on life and on people near us. For some reason there is no understanding that ourselves in the life attracted it, there is only an understanding that to us difficult and each time it is harder and harder.

Perhaps, it is time to think that all - moves each of us? Fear, pity to, uncertainty, uncertainty? Or nevertheless we, everyone as the personality, are worthy the best attitude towards ourselves, and it is time to realize that everyone - the main character in the life.

The more you communicate with people about their realities, the detachment from everything that surrounds them is looked through more and more brightly. The understanding of the events represents the observation position but which is not participating, not living life together with soul and a body around.

Again there is a question: “So why we here?“ If in the person the observation position on life is looked through, then the answer is as follows: “I do not know … life difficult piece“. It is the answer of the one who is not ready to be independent, it is ready to that someone operated it another, but not he. And if to take the person who looks at life absolutely from a different angle which is glad to this life realizes itself, pleasure derives from it and it is opened for all new, he will answer so: “I here to live with pleasure“.

Yes, all perfectly understand that there are also difficulties on the way of the search and formation, but can, they for this purpose also are given us that we double-checked what all - each of us is ready for?

Really you do not want to begin the day absolutely in a different way and to open to new opportunities if you do not accept your life? Clean the destructive principles and beliefs from the life, they do not allow you to move forward, trust and to trust themselves! If we did all are capable of, then literally would surprise themselves!

Understand, you - the most remarkable that could happen to you ever!

Dare, for you nobody will make it! In total in your hands!